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[Hey, it's a common name. In my searches I've come across quite a few blind alleys and false reports. For instance; Mississippi State University has a Melody Perkins listed as having a Graduate Teaching Assistantship for Basic Composition for the 1998 fall season. (During which the real Melody would have been working on PR:iS.) There is also a mention of a “Melody Perkins and Andrea Algood from the Hertfordshire Careers Service ….” Also, from the Alumni Office, Brantly Hall, The University of Montana, Missoula, MT 59812-0013. “Melody Perkins Martinsen '87, editor of the Choteau Acantha, was named 1997 Outstanding Young Montanan by the Montana Jaycees.” Here's another. Sgt. Melody Perkins, Patrol Commander, Middlebury, Vermont. She's on the State Police Advisory Commission Subcommittee on Women.

[Why bother posting this stuff? Well, you never know, one of these might really be her. :) Then again, most of them seem to point to a 35 year old english teacher -- and everything I know says she's somewhere in her 20's. Anyway, for whomever is interested, here are the rest. ]



July 28, 1996 5km USATF CERTIFIED #VT93001WN Hildene
Meadowlands, Manchester, VT

Place  Group  Place/Size Group Categ  Name    Age
159    44/136   F3039   MELODY PERKINS 34 F


Hillbilly Music and Its Components: A Survey of the University of Colorado Hillbilly Music Collection

Author: Melody Perkins
Pubinfo: Ph.D., ??, University of Colorado, 1991

R&B Singer

'Savannah Live II' showcases local talent

 By Gene Downs
 Savannah Morning News

 It's not exactly "Showtime at the Apollo," but it's not far off.

 It's "Savannah Live II" -- one in a series of talent shows for singers, dancers, bands, baton twirlers and just about anyone else who thinks he or she has some talent -- and it's coming to Savannah Theatre on Saturday night.

 A follow-up to a Dec. 26 production of (almost) the same name, Savannah Live II is the brainchild of a trio of Savannah men who call their company FON-B-SOL, short for "Full Of Nothing But SOuL."

 FON-B-SOL's goal: To provide a place where locals could show off.

 "There is a lot of talent in Savannah and there is no place to showcase it," said Alfonzo L. Parson, business manager of "Savannah Live" and, along with twin brothers Garry and Barry Womack, one of the series' founders.

 "Everybody thinks you have to go to Atlanta or New York to be seen or heard. We're trying to create a venue for that here," said Parson.

 Acts are awarded points in various areas, such as originality, stage presence and crowd interaction. The winner receives a trophy and other prizes and gets the chance to compete in a June showdown with other winners.

 The inaugural "Savannah Live" featured six contestants and one noncompeting featured act. With very limited advertising, it attracted a more-than-respectable crowd of about 125 people, and the winner was Kenneth Willis, a Fort Stewart soldier and a rap artist.

 Saturday night's "Savannah Live II" will have 10 competing acts -- the maximum for one show -- and two featured acts, including a rap group, gospel/R&B singers, a poet and possibly a roller skater. The judges will include two local radio deejays and an executive with Pure Pain, a local record label and a major sponsor of "Savannah Live."

 Meanwhile, the lineup for the next event, in early February, is nearly full, and Parson is already taking calls for a mid-February date in Georgetown, S.C.

 Contestants do not have to audition. All they have to do is pay a fee -- $25 for a solo act, $40 for a group -- and sign a form that ensures that their act is strictly PG-13. That means no profanity, no lewd behavior and no one younger than 18 without a parent's permission.

 Or as Barry Womack puts it, "We're not trying to get rowdy rowdy."

 (For the record, none of the restriction has been much of a problem so far. The only acts who have been turned down for an appearance were some exotic dancers.)

 "Eventually, we want to get all types of acts into the show," Barry added. "Because whether it's rap, dance, singing, or whatever, to me, art is art."

What: Savannah Live II
When: 8 p.m. Saturday
Where: Savannah Theatre, 222 Bull St.
How much: $10 admission
More info: 441-3762 or 961-9090

 Contestants for Savannah Live II:

  • Shameka Bostick and Melody Perkins, R&B singers
  • DeKita Moon, gospel singer
  • Reggie Gardner, poet
  • Tori Harris, R&B singer
  • The Port City Players, rap group
  • Ron Thomas, rap singer
  • Charles Singleton Jr., rap singer
  • Syreeta Wright, Missouri Jenkins, Benita Priester and Shondeih Ray, R&B group
  • Tiffani Mines, R&B singer
 Arts and entertainment reporter Gene Downs can be reached at 652-0357.

 Web posted Friday, January 15, 1999


The communities at the foot of Mount Shasta welcome spiritual visitors to the Sacred Mountain Region.

Services and Healers
Melody Perkins, Therapeutic Massage in Mt. Shasta. Phone 530-926-1826

< http://www.kidsart.com/mtshasta.html>

Melody On Buffy?
Wednesday, 01-Dec-1999 16:46:19

      Hiya again,
      I heard talk that Melody Perkins might star in an upcoming Buffy episode called Fruit Salad. It's not confirmed, but if it is, I wonder what her character would be like. Opinions?
      Ben Ponton

[I watched. No Melody.]

Wizard of Oz 2000

Melody in another new movie
 Friday, 11-Aug-2000 00:15:17

      I've now discovered that Melody will be in a remake of the classic film, "The Wizard of Oz" called "The Wizard of Oz 2000"! I don't know whether she'll be playing Dorothy or the Witch or what. All I know is she'll be in it! Kewl huh? I think I'd like to see her as Dorothy...so she can be in short blue skirt...:) It will be nice to see her out of Black Leather for a change!

Some new info on "Wizard of Oz 2000"
 Wednesday, 16-Aug-2000 04:16:07
 Evil-Monarch writes:

      It's release date is around christmas this year. Melody plays a feminist gaurd at the Emerald City! She apparently thinks it isn't fair that Dorothy has to stick with 4 guys, and offers to join them, but when she realizes she's perfect in every way, and won't need anything from the wizard, she comes to conclusion to stay guarding the gate! It's not a very big part, I know, but it's a bigger part then what she had in Coyote Ugly!

[I checked around, couldn't confirm anything, but I did find out that a number of projects based on OZ are in the works. Which one will it be? I don't know, it's strange that none have the same name that appears in the report. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz Website, lists a few possibilities on their news page. Below is a excerpt.]

Rumor Control
(Because of the many questions I am asked about possible forthcoming Oz projects or other bits of pseudo-news, I have added this section to answer some of these inquiries.)

Yes, there is a possible new Oz movie in the works in Hollywood -- or rather, several possible new Oz movies. At this stage, so far as I can tell, none of these projects has progressed beyond the let's-talk-about-it stage. Considering the way Hollywood works, at this point any of these projects could be terminated before a single frame of film is shot, so just because there is talk about them does not mean that they will be coming to your local theater soon. The projects are:

  • Surrender Dorothy. Drew Barrymore has been mentioned in conjunction with this movie, as either the star or producer (possibly both). It would feature Dorothy's great-granddaughter coming to Oz, and battling the Wicked Witch of the West's granddaughter.
  • Somewhere would star Elizabeth Taylor as Dorothy, now a grandmother, returning to Oz. Rod Steiger has been mentioned as a writer, producer, and possible Scarecrow.
  • Demi Moore has bought the film rights to the novel Wicked, by Gregory Maguire. Wicked is the life story of the Wicked Witch of the West, which shows her to be more misunderstood than evil.
  • In a similar vein is Pamela West, where the Wicked Witch is the innocent victim and Dorothy (complete with Toto as a pit bull) is the evil interloper. This script is written by Stu Krieger, and Stephen Nemeth, Adam Fields, Adam Del Deo and Ash Shah are slated to produce.
If progress is made on any of these movies, such as actually going into pre-production or a release date announced, the news will be posted as quickly as possible on this page.

Lion of Oz and the Badge of Courage, the animated feature based on the Roger S. Baum book of the same name, is now scheduled for broadcast. It will be shown on the Disney Channel on August 20 and 26 at 11:30 a.m. (consult your local listings for exact time in your area). It features the voices of Jason Priestley as the Lion, Lynn Redgrave as the Wicked Witch of the East, Tim Curry, Dom Deluise as Oscar, Bobcat Goldthwait as the SillyOZbul, Kathy Griffin, and Jane Harrocks.

There has been talk of a telelvision production of The Land of Oz (not necessarily based on the book of the same name) being produced by Hallmark and shown on NBC. While this appears to be one of many high-profile productions the network is looking at, some reports had it appearing as early as last May's sweeps period. While it didn't happen then, it's still in the pipeline, and may happen in the 1999-2000 season (although it's not listed in an article on forthcoming Hallmark productions in the Fall Preview issue of TV Guide). News of this production will be reported here when it is scheduled for broadcast.

Another television projects on the drawing board is The O. Z. from Fox. This will be a hip-hop retelling of The Wizard of Oz, featuring Queen Latifah as the Good Witch, Ginuwine as the Scarecrow, Busta Rhymes as the Cowardly Lion, Patty LaBelle as the Wicked Witch of the West, IMX as the Flying Monkeys, and Little Richard as the Wizard. No broadcst date has been set, but is expected to be shown during a sweeps period (November, February, or May) on the Fox network.

Yes, there is a new Oz television series in the works, and yes, Tim Burton is one of the people behind it. It is called Lost in Oz, and will feature many of the events and characters from some of the Oz books after The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. It's unclear at this point how Burton is involved, but Trey Callaway and Michael Katleman are the current acting executive producers, and Callaway may be writing the pilot episode. It is currently expected that the series will debut in American syndication in September 2000.


[As yet, there has been no proof to corroborate Evil Monarchs report. At this point, I'm inclined to disbelieve.]

The Fake

[A sad day for the fans. Looks like Melody has at least one wierdo following her (and not the good kind of weirdo either -- you know the kind that really likes jello and likes to sing old mining songs off key -- we're talking the bad kind, the kind that pretends to be you, then gets mad at you because you aren't being "you" enough ... did I mention that the good kind can go off on tangents without warning? Yeah, they do that :). At any rate, "Eva" has been known to contact webmasters and claim to be Melody, provide false info, etc .... No one seems to know why, I'll leave it up to you to decide what his / her motives are. At the time Eva was using the following email. <melody20004eva@aol.com> So if you get email from them .... Her story hangs together pretty well at first glance (basically because she is parroting things that are already common knowledge), but a closer look reveals small slip ups. In the end, it was one of Melody's cast mates from PR:LG that set the record straight in regards to this pretender.

[False info from the False Melody. She provided info about a number of things that were common knowledge, these are the parts that weren't then and still remain unknown.]

Melody was born January 28, 1975 to Denise and Richard Perkins
She has been modeling for about 5 years in France and Italy.
She Went to UCLA college
Her family now lives in NC

[On 12/28/1999 12:00 am EST, al_20176 (M/Virginia), posted part of a chat he had with the False Melody. I snipped all but the pertinent bits.]

Al Ro cKs (8:21:57 PM): when did you model on magazines?
Melody20004eva (8:23:37 PM): i started out as a model in Europe first that's when i got into commericals. you can check out ALLOY, LANDSEND, COSMO,etc for my work
Al Ro cKs (8:24:02 PM): but Cosmo is a mag and were you on it recently?
Melody20004eva (8:24:48 PM): i modeled in the back where they model the expensive clothes and i was in octobers issue
Al Ro cKs (8:24:58 PM): and that was this year?
Melody20004eva (8:25:04 PM): yes it was
Al Ro cKs (8:25:17 PM): do they even put your name on somewhere?
Melody20004eva (8:25:46 PM): on the side of the page near the spine of the mag.
Al Ro cKs (8:26:04 PM): ok. and you get your own copy i guess?
Melody20004eva (8:26:12 PM): yea i do
Al Ro cKs (8:27:49 PM): i doubt most of the people think you were on Cosmopolitan magazine recently. I hate to be SO specific, but what page_
Melody20004eva (8:28:27 PM): um hold on
Melody20004eva (8:28:32 PM): let me check
Melody20004eva (8:29:49 PM): page 213
Al Ro cKs (8:30:08 PM): ok thanks, and bye

[Notes. Why tell us about Comso? If it is because that is one we missed, why not tell us about the (at the time) current Lands End Catalogue – which, at that point, no one online knew she'd be in? Eva popped up again later on with the same claims about Cosmo, promising to scan the pic and send it out. She also mentioned that she knew the plot for the upcoming Lightspeed Rescue. She never made good on either claim. Al is the webmaster at the Official Valerie Vernon website and so very much in contact with Ms. Vernon. Luckily, he checked with Val and guess what he found. I got the confirmation from Valerie Vernon that yes, Melody Perkins has an email addy, but the address that [was given by the person talking to him, < melody20004eva@aol.com>] is not hers.

[Interesting to note that Val has Melody's email. For those who don't know, Melody replaced Val as Pink Ranger in Lost Galaxy while Val was battling cancer (she's all better now!). Not too strange, they probably never met on set but they both had to dub lines and that's probably when they met.

[For the record, it's never been confirmed or denied whether Melody actually appeared in the October 1999 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, on page 213. That Eva mentioned it so many times suggests that there might be more to this than a lie, however, if she had the pics, why not post them? Anyone out there have a copy?]


[From <http://www.sbschool.org/alumnae.html> last updated on 2, May 2000. Listed the following email address for Melody. Looks like a high school. Dates don't match up, Melody would have graduated years before this. Besides which, in 1007 she would have been in California filming the pilot for PR:iS.]

Class of 1997
Melody Perkins

Stoneleigh-Burnham School
574 Bernardston Road
Greenfield, MA 01301 / USA
(413) 774-2711
fax (413) 772-2602


[Kristina Roper is not Melody Perkins, and they are not twins. Those are the two rumors floating around. As proof, here is Kristina's bio. I also have a pic. They don't match up -- although I will admit that the two have many common facial characteristics. The Internet Movie Database lists the movie as produced in 1997. Considering what was said in her bio, that would mean Kristina was born in 1980 or, possibly, 78 or 79 -- assuming the movie was filmed the year before. From what I gather though, Melody is a bit older, ruling out the possibility of twins. (The best guess is Billy's mention that he went to high school with her. As he was 28 in 1999 that places her birth around 1971. However, fans seem to think it between 75 and 76.)]

Kristina Roper

Hawaii native Kristina Roper makes her acting debut as Katrianna in Escape from Atlantis. The 17-year-old beauty found out about the auditions in Hawaii (where Atlantis was filmed) from her modeling agent and decided she had nothing to lose by trying out. Like a Hollywood fairy tale, Kristina landed a co-starring role, portraying the daughter of Kyron, the leader of the villagers who take in the Spencer family.

Born and raised in Hilo Hawaii, Roper graduated high school at the age of 15 and is already a sophomore at the University of Hawaii. Poised beyond her young years, Roper credits her 12 years of classical ballet training and modeling experience for much of her maturity.

Kristina enjoyed her acting experience on Escape from Atlantis so much, she moved to Los Angeles to further her acting career.



[I've included this one just for kicks. The title character of this movie is named Melody Perkins ... maybe Mel saw the movie and took that as her stage name. You never know.]

From the British Film Institute.

Melody (aka S.W.A.L.K. – Sealed With A Loving Kiss)
UK, 1971    106 minutes, Colour, Sound
Director: Waris Hussein

Prod Co.:         Goodtimes Enterprises
Producer:         David Puttnam
Screenplay:     Alan Parker

Jack Wild (Ornshaw)
Mark Lester (Daniel Latimer)
Tracy Hyde (Melody Perkins)
Sheila Steafel (Mrs Latimer)
Kate Williams (Mrs Perkins)
Roy Kinnear (Mr Perkins)
Hilda Barry (Gran Perkins)
James Cossins (Headmaster)
Ken Jones (Mr Dicks)
Source: Novel by
Certificate: PG
Age: 8-12

Synopsis: Two lonely boys at a comprehensive - Ornshaw and Daniel - become friends despite their differing backgrounds. They go to the West End; they get caned for not doing their Latin homework. Things change when Daniel notices Melody; Ornshaw first helps him, then becomes bitter. This leads to a fight between the two. Daniel and Melody, spending a day at the seaside, decide to elope. Ornshaw performs a ‘marriage’ ceremony, and their classmates collude in helping them elude pursuing teachers.

Comment: The original title - S.W.A.L.K. - reflects Parker’s and Puttnam’s desire to get away from adult views of children. They took a tape-recorder to comprehensives, and ‘lifted large chunks of the dialogue direct from the children’s conversations’. Equally, such incidents as Mrs Latimer’s dinner party, and the Head’s behaviour at the school dance, are shown through the children’s eyes. This new approach was made possible by the post-Oliver! bankability of Lester and Oscar-nominated Wild.

Distributor:      Winstone Film Distributors
Format:           35

[An interesting fan site for those interested.]

Melody Perkins in a Crash!

[A lawsuit from the State of Kentucky. Dunno if it’s her or not. No mention of the final result. If anyone lives in Jessamine County and wants to check up on this, visit your local court office and let me know what you find out. ;) ]

Published Wednesday, October 27, 1999, in the Lexington Herald-Leader

For the Record reports the final dispositions of criminal cases in district and circuit courts by a guilty plea or conviction. However, these dispositions can be subject to appeal.

[Under the heading LAWSUITS]

Amy Steward vs. Melody Perkins for an undetermined amount claimed due for alleged injuries suffered in an automobile accident on Jan. 11, 1998.

[I sent an email to one of the editors. Here's the response.]

Date:Fri, 17 Nov 2000 10:30:01 -0500
       From:"Ami Piccirilli" <apiccirilli@herald-leader.com>
 Organization:Lexington Herald-Leader Co.
         To:gominosensei <gomi_nosensei@yahoo.com>
     Subject:Melody Perkins lawsuit

The "article" you refer to is actually our listing of Central Kentucky public record. This information comes directly from the courts in the various counties. For any further information, you'll have to contact the appropriate court office, in this case Jessamine County.

Best regards,
Ami Piccirilli
Editor, Bluegrass Communities
Lexington Herald-Leader
100 Midland Avenue
Lexington KY 40508

(800)950-6397, ext. 3240


[Taking care of a 91 year old? It’s possible. If Oct 1, 2000 starts the 5th year, then that puts the start at Oct 1, 1996. Was PR:iS done shooting by then? With small trips to do Lands End each year ... possible but unlikely.]

From TheCare Givers Forum of That Home Site

RE: To All Caregivers
Posted by: Melody Perkins (Bridges@lakecountry.net) on Mon, Sep 11, 00 at 22:09

I have been caring for a lady now 91 years old, will start my 5th year 1st. of oct. she lives in our home...and it has worked out great...and I know this would not work out for everone, but I have enjoyed my time at home, and she has enjoyed the home atmosphere..she had a stroke after the first 3 months she was in my care, and that was brought on from such poor health, from her trying to take care of her self....but we got over that within 6 months , she was back to feeding herself and walking..she now does fine dress's her self..and has a mind of her own...Since our home is arranged where she has her own part of the house , but has her meals with us....and I spend lot of time running in and out of her part, just to make sure things are ok, but its a good time to visit....My family feel as if she is now part of our family.....but Like I said this is not for everone...


[Who knows?]

From The Mineola League of the ARTS

Quilt Show 2000 Awards

The MLOTA Quilt Show was May 5-7, 2000 during the MINEOLA MAY DAYS "BEAN FEST". If you missed it, here is your chance to view the highlights. If you viewed the show, you already know what a superior display it was. You can see the winning entries and enjoy again the presentation.

AMATEUR:300- HAND & MACHINE: Honorable Mention
ARTIST: Melody Perkins
TITLE: Scott's Christmas Quilt

Lance Bass

Melody is no longer single!!! NO!!!!!
  Tuesday, 21-Nov-00 15:56:44

Acording to a message board I went to, Melody is dating Lance from *N,SYNC. Really great news, huh?

       Chainsaw Master

[Sounded like hogwash, but I figured it was worth checking out. For what it's worth I couldn't track down the message he's talking about. but I did find a few good NSYNC and Lance Bass sites and contacted their webmasters / webmistresses. I'm guessing they'd know if it was true (or if the rumor was going around), but no one had heard a thing about it. Granted, that doesn't mean it isn't true, but considering what I know, I'm inclined to say it's false.]

Britney Spears

[A while back there was a rumor floating around that Melody was a dancer in Britney's "Oops ... I Did It Again" video. Since then pictures were circulated of a woman who, though closely resembling Mel, were clearly not her. In fact, the name of the dancer in question is Karissa Seman (thanks to leannecares for posting this bit of information).]