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Modeling Stats
Height: 5'8"
Bust: 34B/C
Waist: 24
Hips: 35
Dress: 6
Shoe: 8
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
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Past Modeling Work

[Two categories here. Confirmed and Unconfirmed. I confirm things based on proof (pics of the appearance, or a copy of the appearance itself). So, if it's confirmed, I have pics. If you can help confirm something or have other questions, email me! BTW, Unconfirmed doesn't mean untrue, just unverified. :) "Un" nough of this, let's get on to the reports!]


Alloy: Reports surfaced of Melody appearing in pink bunny slippers. No pics of that surfaced, but Chelsea Geyer was kind enough to send in the pics she found in Alloy. Thanks Chesea! They are in the Other Gallery, for those who want to take a look.


Kohl's: the pictures were from an in-store add for the Khol's chain of stores; which runs from the Mid-east (Kansas) to the East Coast (New York). The ad ran from 3/12/99 to 3/20/99. Melody has reportedly worked for Kohl's before (presumably before her run on PR:iS), but so far no pics have surfaced from back then. Brent Crane (webmaster for Absolute Melody) reportedly stated that he contacted her and that she said that not only was she in the ad mentioned above, but she has modeled for Kohl's for a few years now, and she hasn't stopped her contract with them (as of Mar 23 1999). There have been no new sightings of Melody in Kohl's ads.

At the time, I sent Kohl's an email to try and get contact info on Melody but they couldn't help me. I get the impression that they don't pay attention to who comes from where and have no way of tracking her down (even if they wanted to). Here's a copy of what they said.

Thanks for the e-mail regarding a model in one of our circulars. I am sorry to inform you that it is our policy not to give out the names or numbers of any of our models. They all are booked through agencies.

Sorry we can't be of help.

Gary Vasques
Executive V.P. Marketing

[From the Kohl's website.]

How do I become a model for KOHL'S catalogs?

KOHL'S works through local (near Milwaukee) talent agencies for models. You would need to work directly with or through these agencies. Examples include Arlene Wilson's and Jennifer's Talent in Milwaukee. And, in Chicago, David & Lee, Elite, and Aria.

[Since Melody got the job, I'm assuming she's with one of these on the east coast. We know for a fact that she's working with LA Models on the west (see the Contact Melody page for more on that).]

Lands End: Melody appears in the Direct Market Edition of this Catalogue just about every month (sometimes it goes for a month or two without her, then she comes back). Most of the modeling pictures of Melody that we have come from Lands End. Not only do they have Melody in their cats regularly, but I love the clothes. BTW, you can sign up for the catalogue on Lands End's website. Signing up gets you one catalogue, but if you buy something (like I did) they'll put you on their mailing list and you'll get it every month. Until I made a purchase I just signed up each time a new cat came out. BTW, I love the clothes! :)

Seventeen Magazine: About two years ago Angie Natasha found two pictures of Melody modeling for UNIONBAY in an unidentified issue of Seventeen Magazine. She scanned them and posted them in the 'Melody Perkins Air Palace'. These are great pics, but were a little messy. Angie was kind enough to let me post the second of the two in the Other Gallery. In honor of that, I cleaned it up a bit. Both the origional and clean version are posted.

Misc Ad Work: Since 2000, Mel has appeared seemingly randomly in a number of web, TV, and print ads for products including: Windows XP, Free Credit Profile, Real Audio, Kohls, the MSN Latin Start Page; Modern Bride, Great Life, Self, and Seventeen Magazines, a TV comercial for Rolling Rock beer, and the Nova Form Pillow.


Cosmo: For the record, it's never been confirmed or denied whether Melody actually appeared in the October 1999 issue of Cosmopolitan Magazine, on page 213. That Eva (a Melody impersonator) mentioned it so many times suggests that there might be more to this than a lie, however, if she had the pics, why not post them? Anyone out there have a copy?

Deliah's: The summer came and went and no Melody in Deliah's Catalogue or on their website. I suspect that this info also came from the False Melody. She fooled a number of people into spreading her lies.

3/19/00 6:15 pm
   Melody should me in a Delia's (that's a magazine) some time this summer. Also, she is going to Europe over the summer for some modeling.


YM: No info.

Parade of Shoes: A commercial aired on the WB Network. Melody was said to have been the model. A few people came out to say they saw her, but no pics have found their way onto the web.

Parade of Shoes
KAnne01 (13/F/Chicago, IL)
4/4/00 9:46 pm

  Hi everyone! (if there is anyone still out there) I was talking to my sister the other day and she said she saw Melody in a commercial for Parade of Shoes. Did anyone else see that commercial? If so is that really her?


Originally owned by "J. Baker, Inc. ("J. Baker" or the "Company", which term  shall include all subsidiaries of the Company) is engaged in the  retail sale of footwear and apparel.  The Company sells footwear  through self-service licensed shoe departments in mass  merchandising department stores, through full and semi-service  licensed shoe departments in department and specialty stores and  through its Fayva chain of self-selection family shoe stores and its Parade of Shoes chain of women's shoe stores. In all of these  operations, the Company emphasizes the sale of quality footwear at  comparatively low prices.  The Company is engaged in the retail  sale of apparel through its chain of Casual Male Big & Tall men's  stores which sells sportswear to the larger size man, and through  its chain of Work 'n Gear work clothing stores which sell utility  workwear, uniforms and personalized work clothes, as well as  uniforms for laboratory and medical purposes."

Parade of Shoes Operations

"The Company's Parade of Shoes chain emphasizes the retail  sale of quality, primarily leather women's shoes. The stores  generally occupy 2,000 to 3,000 square feet of retail space  located in suburban strip shopping centers which are typically  anchored by a major supermarket, a regional department store chain  or a mass merchandising retailer.  In addition, the Company has  also begun a program of opening Parade of Shoes stores in major  metropolitan areas.  The stores generally feature from 7,000 to  9,000 items available for selection in a casual, self-service  atmosphere.  The stores emphasize items that appeal to women  between 18 and 44 years of age and also offer extensive selections  oriented toward pre-teens, teenagers and senior citizens."

Bought by Payless Shoe Source in 1997. [Searches for Parade of Shoes will lead to the Payless website.]

Parade of Shoes stores are located in 14 states, in such cities as Boston, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Washington, D.C., Pittsburgh, and San Juan, Puerto Rico. To locate a nearby store, please call 800-472-7233.

Fashion TV: A 24 hour television show out of Eurpoe, all about fashion, what's new in the industry and  bios of up and coming models.

cool_amber_2000 (14/F/Australia)
7/16/00 9:04 pm

Oh yeah and BIG news!! Yesterday,I went to this fancy resturant [the Golden Star Palace] with my family and Katie and there were TVs every where and this show called Summer 2000 was on and it was ALL about modeling.Then guess what happened? MELODY Perkins came on!! That was soo COOL! I only saw her appear on 3 times only in that show coz we had to go somewhere else so we left the resturant. I swear she looks sooo pretty and it says her age is 26 at the bottom of the screen. In the background,there were ALOT of people crowding around and snapping photos. So thats pretty cool! Anyway, I just want u guys to know that and we got of the website too. Its www.ftv.com and i'm surfing in it now so I have no idea if there's anything on her there. HOPEFULLY there will be!!

   Cya! Ashley

[Ashley added that Melody was modeling in this brand of clothes called MILLAN. No pics have surfaced, searching the site yielded nothing. Streaming video of the show is available through the site. Didn't see her there either. If anyone's interested, Ashley sent me the info on the restaurant.

Golden Star Palace Restaurant
First Floor, 24-32 Hughes Street
Cabramatta NSW Australia 2166

Tel:(6102)97257282      Fax:(6102)97257744

[If you're ever in Australia, drop by. :)]