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[Every bit of acting work Melody ever did ... Or as close as I can get at any rate. :) The only one I can't confirm is the episode of High Tide. Can you confirm? Let me know. I promise to share what I learn with the rest of you. Want proof? 

[Check out the MultiMedia Page! There you'll learn which of her appearances below are available to buy or downloaded.]

High Tide

Second Season -- 1995-
Episode THE GRIND 10/8/95

Writtem by: Chris Baena
Directed by: John Paragon

Rick Springfield.........................................Mick Barrett
Yannick Bisson..........................................Joey Barrett
Wings Hauser............................................George Peck
Brandy Ledford (AKA Sanders)................Sandra Peck
Daniel Reardon
Mark Ruffalo
John Pinette...............................................Bob-O DiBella

Avalon Anders    Lisa Marie Scott    James Quarter
Kirk Kinder        Jim Kratt        Melody Perkins

Mick and Joey are hired by a man (Wings Hauser) to track down his missing daughter (Brandy Sanders), whom they find working at a strip joint with a killer hot on her spiked heels.


Silk Stalkings

Childs Play
Season 7
Episode 10 (11/9/97)

Written by: David Levinson
Directed by: John Paragon

-Melody Perkins .... Maid (nl)

Tom and Cassy have 24 hours to find a killer when one of their closest friends is implicated in a murder. Melody plays a maid who sees him drive away from the crime scene.

[Silk Stalkings really isn't my cup of tea, but it's well worth sitting through it to see Melody act. With most actresses this would be a throw away role, someone you'd hardly notice, but she manages to imbue her character with life and (in my opinion) steals the scene. :) Just a note, you don't actually have to watch he whole thing. She appears in about the first 20 minutes. It's kind of fun to see her name in the end credits though. ;)

[Notes: Jack Banning (the professor from PR:iS) was on a previous episode before "Melody Perkins" showed up on Silk Stalkings that season.]


Power Rangers: in Space

Melody Perkins .... Astronema / Karone

(Click on the date for a complete list of episodes and bloopers.)

[In 1997, Melody debuted on Power Rangers: in Space, as Astronema, the new Princess of Evil, and the nemesis of the Space Rangers. In this role she appeared in most every episode of the series (even if it was only to order her minions to "Fire the sattalasers!" or utter the occasional "Des-troy them!"). As testament to her flexibility in acting, Melody actually ended up playing three roles in this incarnation of the hit kids TV show. And, she gives each a distinct (and sometimes chilling) personality all their own. For instance, there's the power hungry Astronema, the unsure yet sincere Karone, and the completely evil Circuit Astronema. I won't spoil the surprise by telling you how these changes come about, but rest assured it's great fun and (even though you wouldn't normaly expect such a thing from a kids show) you may feel yourself tearing up as the destiny of this character plays out (but I didn't! ... well OK, maybe a little. ;).

[Interestingly enough, Melody may not have been the first choice for the role of Astronema. From an article in the August 2000 issue of Maxim Magazine by Dave Itzkoff. -- Thanks to Evil Monarch for the tip!]

[Angelica Bridges] soon found that her training in martial arts and kick boxing made her a natural for stunt-heavy parts on action-oriented syndicated programs .... She even got offered a permanent role as a villainous princess on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. "I could definitely have gotten into being the bad girl because I love playing roles like that," Angelica says in a tone of mild regret, "but I would feel weird having eight-year-old boys lust after me."

Adolescent boys loss was a gain for adult boys everywhere, because soon thereafter she joined the lifeguards of Baywatch ... for two seasons before leaving the series in 1998.]

[That puts the offer around 1996. Was this the role of Astronema? Dates would seem to match up, despite the gaff of confusing the first season of PR with other seasons. The only other villainess around that time was Divatox, from PR: Turbo. She was replaced a few times during the season, so the times match up there as well.]


Face To Face
Season 1
Episode 6 (07/07/98)

Written by: Stephen A. Miller
Directed by: Robert Munic

Melody Perkins as Lisa

Production Company
Glen Larson Entertainment Network, Inc.
Distributed by Tribune Entertainment

E. Harold Bridges (Cyril O'Reilly), a famous white-collar criminal, is viciously beaten in prison and becomes the first to receive a new "space face" from a prominent plastic surgeon. However, the doctor succeeds too well, giving the criminal the ability to completely transform his face to resemble others at will. The criminal escapes and heads back to Bay City to take revenge on the men responsible for his original incarceration -- Johnny's boyhood friend and former prosecutor Lee Warren  (Brian McNamara), Lt. Charlie Dann (Michael Woods), and former Lt. Frank Dominus (Earl Holliman).

NightMan (Matt McColm) must struggle to sort out the good guys from the bad to bring order to the chaos caused by this human chameleon.

[Big thanks to Gabriel for the following tip -- the first I've heard about what Mel actualy does in this ep!]

From:"p.c.box7095" <p.c.box7095@prodigy.net> 
Subject:Mel's Nightman appearance.
Date:Mon, 21 Apr 2003 14:55:37 -0700


 I was lookin' through your Melody Perkins Fact Page site and I noticed you said that you can't confirm whether Mel was in an episode of Nightman. Well I can confirm it because I saw it on WGN a couple years back. It was called "Face To Face" and Mel was in the beginning for around 1 to 2 minutes.  She played a reconstructive surgery patient for a doctor who had some kind of revolutionary new thing for facial reconstructive surgery. Basically, she just sat and looked pretty while the doctor and some other guy talked about how revolutionary this new method was. After that the doctor excused her from the room, she got up and hugged him, said, "Thank you, Doctor.", and walked out of the room. That was it. Sorry, I don't have it on tape or anything. Wish I did, though. That was a very nice short, black dress she was wearing. Very nice. *lol* WGN still shows repeats of Nightman so you could probably still catch it sometime. Anyway, just wanted to let ya know a little about Mel's appearance on Nightman in case you didn't already know. Keep up the good work on the site.

 Servent of Astronema, Princess of Evil *wink*

Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy

[The episodes Mel appeared in are listed below. Sorry no descriptions at this time.]

[When in Space ended in 1998 and a new incarnation of Power Rangers was born (complete with new cast) we thought we'd never see Melody again, but we were wrong. Near the end of the first year of Power Rangers: Lost Galaxy, Valerie Vernon (the talented actress who played the Pink Galaxy Ranger) was forced to leave the show to battle cancer. In time she recovered and returned, but that left producers with the question, what to do about the rest of the season? The answer was to bring back the Space Rangers to help the Galaxy Rangers fight one of their most deadly foes: the Psycho Rangers. The plan was to have Kendrix (the Pink Galaxy Ranger) taken out of action and replaced by Kassie (the Pink Space Ranger, played by Patricia Jae Lee). However, things fell through (rumor suggests a problem with the contract) and Kendrix was replaced with Karone (played by Melody). PR:LG was a good series when it started, but when Melody came on board the show rocketed into the territory of greatness as Karone struggled with the demons of her past and lived out her dreams. A triumphant end to a sad tale. And Melody played it perfectly, bringing Karone to life with introspection, joy and a penchant for harmless mischief.]

    • Protect the Quasar Saber
    • Facing the Past
    • Turn Up the Volume
    • Enter the Lost Galaxy
    • Beware the Mutiny
    • Grunchor on the Loose
    • Dream Battle
    • Hexuba's Graveyard
    • Raise the Titanisaur
    • Escape the Lost Galaxy
    • Journey's End parts 1-3
[Sadly, all good things must come to an end, and the finale of Lost Galaxy (for all intents and purposes) ended Melody's run on Power Rangers (thought she did return a time of two to voice a villain).]

Coyote Ugly

Movie Info:
David McNally, 2000
Theatrical Release Date: August 4, 2000
Country of origin: U.S.
Genre: Romance; Drama
Color or b/w: Color
Production Co(s).: Touchstone Pictures; Jerry Bruckheimer Films
Released By: Buena Vista
MPAA rating: PG-13 (for sexuality)
Parental rating: Cautionary; some scenes objectionable
Running time: 94

[Despite the fact that she isn't listed in any online credits (nor those that run at the end of the movie) Melody IS in this movie. Why no mention in the credits? Well, she's only in one scene, at the very end. Reportedly, the movie tested well, but people wanted a return to the bar. So a new scene was filmed -- in which everyone returns and starts dancing on the bar -- and tacked on to the end (presumably too late to get the credits changed).

[What can I say, it's a good ending for a good movie. I ended up liking it, despite what the advertizing would have you believe. In reality, Coyote Ugly is the story of a young singer (Violet), heading out into the big city to jump start her career. Along the way she gets a job in a very ... energetic bar, where the barmaids do alot of dancing (and other things) on top of the bar. Melody plays the new barmaid in that one end scene; and she stays behind the bar the whole time. So, if you want to see her, ignore the people dancing on top of it. :) You can catch her wearing a red halter top (same cut as her top in PR:LG) and really short blue jeans. Hey, it's worth the price of admission just to watch Mel squint at the bottles like she expects them to jump out of her hands the second she turns her back. (And then they do! :)]

[Other stuff. Thanks go to Cyber Blue for posting to the news group and informing us all that Mel would make an appearance! If not for him, we all probably would have missed out. If you want pics, Power Rangers Online has screen caps and .mov files of Melody's appearance.]

[Coyote Ugly was released on DVD as of January 16, 2001. There are alot of extras included, but no new footage of Mel. If anyone's interested in a review of the DVD, check out Garth's Review at Dark Horizons. DVD info follows. (Info compiled from Dark Horizons and Amazon.com.)]

DVD Info:
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 101mins
Region 1 Encoding (US and Canada only)
Versions: 16:9 Enhanced Widescreen, 4:3 Letterboxed
Aspect Ratio: Widescreen Anamorphic - 1.85:1
Sound: Digital 5.1 Surround, DTS 5.1 Surround
Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1)
Sub-Titles: French, Spanish
Audio: Commentary Track 1 by Tyra Banks, Maria Bello, Izabella Miko, Bridget Moynahan, Piper Perabo. 
Selective Commentary Track 1 by Producer Jerry Bruckheimer. 
Selective Commentary Track 2 by Director David McNally
Documentary: Three 'Making of' Featurettes: "In Search of Violet: Casting the Lead Role, Piper Perabo"; "Coyote 101: Actor Prep., What it means to be a Coyote"; "Howling Good Time: Filming Bar Scenes"
Deleted Scenes: Deleted Scenes
Clips: Full Theatrical Trailer, 'Action Overboard' Featurette, LeAnn Rhimes Music Video
Studio: Touchstone Video
Production Company: Disney Studios
Package Type: Keep Case
ASIN: B0000524E5

Malcom in the Middle

[Melody appeared as Patty Henderson on Malcom In The Middle! It was a great episode! She managed to take us from the simple joy of riding a bike, to the non-sensical weakness a truly wonderful woman can infect a man with, to the silly fun of watching her dote on her charges, to sharing her joy and amazement at Dewey's inherent cuteness (no one should be allowed to be that cute :), to near hysterical laughing following the shock of seeing her in fat make-up, to the awe of feeling that same attraction despite make-up (how does her personality shine through?), to the sadness of feeling her pain at Francis' rejection (probably just as well, he's a jerk), and more! And all that while playing a part that, in anyone else's hands, would have been just another ditzy babysitter.

[Episode information follows -- times and dates applicable only in the USA during the listed period. Scroll down for the episode description.]

From TV Guide:
Wednesday, November 22, 2000 8PM
Channels 2, 35, 40 Malcom in The Middle (CC)
-- Comedy 5667/14193/518342 Rating: TV PG: LV
Episode Title: "Convention"
While Hal and Lois wreak havoc out of town, the boys are almost angelic
at home -- thanks to the care of a sexy sitter (Melody Perkins).

[An image of the ad that ran along with the TV Guide entry can be found in the Gallery section of this site as well as a few preview screen caps. You can get caps from this episode in alot of places. My choice is Shades of Karone. Not only do they have screen caps, but they also have sound files. But the real clincher is that there was a flash back scene where Mel appears in a fat suit (Patty was quite chunky in high school -- am I crazy, or is she still cute?) and Shades was the only site to feature a picture of her transformation (which is really quite incredible; it somehow adds to her charm that she was willing to do that). Other sites that carry pics from "Convention" are: Melody Online and http://darkbeas.freeshell.org/melody-mitm/

[On a related note, a few people have commented that the girl in the TV Guide ad doesn't look much like Mel (no, she's not in the fat make-up ;). Well, I didn't think she looked much like mel at first either. But then I turned a couple pages and looked at the episode description (above) and, as you can see, they listed her as the babysitter, so I figured it must be Mel. Now that the ep has aired, it's no longer in question, but it's interesting to note the tricks people can play with air brushing. Take a good hard look at that pic. It's been heavily air brushed; they've taken out the cute little freckles, the "egyptian" lines at the ends of the eyes, and extended her eye brow lines (which usually disappear at about the middle of her eye), but you can still make out the great smile and those exquisite apple cheeks! :)

[What follows is the episode description from the Official Malcom In The Middle Website. It's written like a page from Malcom's personal journal.

Episode: 208
Original Air Date: 11/22/00

At first, when Mom and Dad said they were making us have a babysitter for two days, Reese and I put up a fight. We booby-trapped the entire house with snakes, firecrackers and other cool and dangerous stuff. Then we saw her -- the most beautiful girl ever and her name was Patty.

After Reese, Dewey and I undid all the booby traps, we just sat in awe of her. She was tall, blond and made us lots of snacks. She kept talking about how cute Francis was, but I knew I could win her over. Then I did what any kid with an incredible woman in his bedroom would do…I invited the Krelboynes over to check her out. Later at dinner, I tried to impress her with my mad cow disease story, but it didn't go so well. Reese countered by burping Patty's address, which was totally lame. Then Dewey started doing some goofy dance and she loved it. Stupid Dewey.

The worst part was that Dewey kept charming her and started hogging Patty all to himself. She even gave him a bath. Reese and I thought that if we got him all dirty again, Patty would get mad at him. So we covered him with the glue and glitter he was using to make her a card. But she thought he looked cute, and gave him another bath! Later, Patty was upset, so I went to find out what was wrong and, you know, hopefully make her feel better. Stupid Reese wanted to do the same thing, so we got into fight. Meanwhile, Dewey's lame dance totally cheered her up. Why does he have to be so cute?

That night, the cuteness wore off when Dewey faked having a nightmare and got to sleep in Mom and Dad's bed, with Patty! I thought I was supposed to be the genius? Reese and I snuck outside Mom and Dad's room to lure Dewey into the garage, but he locked us out of the house. Can you believe it? Luckily, Reese fell into the backyard cesspool so the night wasn't a total loss.

[With that said. We knew about this appearance nearly two months ahead of time thanks to the kind efforts of other fans. Their reports are listed here for the sake of completeness and so that their efforts won't go unsung. Thanks to everyone who posted what they knew!! Also, special thanks go out to the webmaster of Life Is Unfair who was kind enough to let me list info from his site. :)]

        Date: Sat, 30 Sep 2000 21:20:00 -0400 (EDT)
       From: titantowers@webtv.net (ryan steele)

not that many of you would like to know, but then again maybe you would. anyway my local fox affiliate was just showing over an hour ago their hour long special on the new fox fall season, and guess who i happen to catch on malcom in the middle. yes it was hers truly formerly astronema/karone on pris/prlg, will be on an episode of malcom in the middle. they were flipping through various sceens but this one in particular went like it was melody and she had a big plate of chicken breasts no less, and she was about to serve to the family but first she goes to malcom who is fixated oher scromptous goodies. so the camera pans to her tits, the chicken, her tits, the chicken, untill it pans to her face and she says to malcom, "hungry?" in a ever so sexual manner. just thought you guys would like to know this for future referance. im out

Subject: Re: Former PR actors in other roles
        Date: Sun, 01 Oct 2000 19:16:37 GMT
       From: zeorangerx@my-deja.com

ecliptor17@aol.com (Ecliptor17) wrote:
Karim Prince, Cestro the Blue Alien Ranger, will be starring on the Fox Network horror show Freakylinks. He has also done some guest appearances on MALCOM IN THE MIDDLE, as Francis' bud at the military school.

Yes! I looked forward to Prince during his run on "Malcom In The Middle," and then I noticed he mysteriously disappeared! Was there ever an explanation for this?

I see they've replaced him with another character... or actor. I can never remember names.

I just saw the Fox Fall Preview Special this morning(1 am).  And it looks like Melody Perkins(Astronema/Karone) will be making at least 1 appearance on MITM.  They had a scene were she is in a low cust shirt and is leaning over a table offering Malcom a plate of chicken.  The camera goes from the plate to Melody several times.

Subject: Melody Perkins & Malcom in the Middle
        Date: 1 Nov 2000 10:48:24 -0800
       From: miko <miko_member@newsguy.com>

Just came across this tibit of info on E! Online's site:

"Malcolm in the Midteens Boy genius is becoming teen genius. This season, expect some older storylines on Fox's smash sitcom. The boys are getting a hot new babysitter, and Reese, Malcolm and even little Dewey will do everything in their power to impress her. Rumor has it Malcolm will get a girl this season, but it's not the babe sitter."

I wonder if this "hot new babysitter" will end up being Melody Perkins?

Subject: Astronema Sits Twice: Or, Melody In The Middle, next week!
        Date: 14 Nov 2000 05:28:46 GMT
       From: sirstack@aol.com (SirSTACK)

The recent TV Guide, the one for next week, shows the write-up for the episode we've been hearing about for a while. On the Wednesday, November 22nd episode of Malcolm In The Middle, our former Karone/Astronema, Melody Perkins, guest stars as the babysitter! The write ups for the episode, titled "Convention", include such words about her as "Sexy" and "Gorgeous". She's even shown (half of her face, anyway) in the half-page ad for said episode! So it looks like it will be a Wednesday episode, rather than a Sunday one. Don't miss it!

_Jesse Lee Herndon: Sir STACK @ aol.com_
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Planet of the Apes

Movie Info:
Director: Tim Burton 
Theatrical Release Date: 7/27/01
MPAA: Rated PG-13 for some sequences of action/violence.
Country: USA 
Language: English 
Color: Color 
Sound Mix: DTS / Dolby Digital
Certification: Argentina:13 / Sweden:11 / UK:12 / USA:PG-13

Plot Outline: 
 An astronaut lands on a planet inhabited by human-like apes, who rule the planet with an iron fist. 

[Mel pops up just a couple minutes after the end of the opening credits. It's quick (less than Coyote Ugly) so stay sharp. For those who want to catch every second, here are a few tips: Listen for someone to tell Leo (Mark Walhberg) that he has a postcard. He'll leave and go to his quarters to watch (it's a video postcard). Scene opens on a party, all his family and friends. The camera pans across the crowd from left to right. Keep your eye on the right and watch for the big black guy (I think it was Chi McBride from Boston Public, but to tell the truth I was paying more attention to who was behind him :). Mel is right behind him in a blue bikini! 

[The camera pans away to some other people, but that's not the end. Look for her to pop up again on the left hand side of your screen. All Leo's friends take turns saying hi and Mel pops up behind a blonde guy (her fiancé in the movie) to show off her engagement ring (lucky guy!). Everyone oooo's and aaah's and she just smiles and laughs along with them (looked like a fun party! :). And that's that.

[For those wondering if that's really Mel or not, it is. But don't take my word for it; keep an eye out during the end credits. She is almost the last name listed as "Friend's at Leo's Party."

[Thanks to everyone who went to see POTA and posted to the newsgroup or sent me an email. I really appreciate it (and Mel probably does too)!]

[Lots of time you go and see a movie and come out thinking, where the heck did my $5.75 go? I didn't have that problem with POTA. Granted, there are lots of plot holes, but if you can manage to view it as a B-movie (or Power Rangers :) you shouldn't have a problem. All in all I had alot of fun, and Mel's cameo was just icing on the cake!]

Subject: Melody Perkins in Planet Of The Apes!
        Date: 28 Jul 2001 03:58:04 GMT
       From: sirstack@aol.com (SirSTACK)
 Newsgroups: alt.fan.power-rangers

Our lovely Karone/Astronema has a VERY brief role in Tim Burton's new Planet Of The Apes remake. No spoilers, but she's apparently an old friend of Leo Davidson (Mark Walhberg), and appears on a video tranmission to him (among a huge crowd of people) quite early in the film. I didn't recognize her until she showed off her engagement ring, but, yep, it's her. I think she may have been in a bikini, but that was probably all those loincloths in the movie clouding my memory. Rather ironic how she went to a primitive planet in PRLG on a space station, yet this time around she remains on Earth...

Jesse Lee Herndon
PRSW (PRTF#24 SW Updated!): http://prsw.cjb.net
PR etc: http://www.tvtome.com/servlets/ShowMainServlet/showid-1905

Rolling Rock Commercial

[Melody started off the new year with a funny ad for Rolling Rock Beer. The comercial starts out with the announcer telling us that there comes a time in every mans life when he must answer hard questions. Cut to Melody's character sitting at a table with a guy. They seem to be having a good time. She laughs at something he said off camera and says she's having a good time. He agrees and she changes the subject, asking him "So, how many girls has you ... you know?" He then has a moment of panic where he wonders what to tell her and tries to change the subject by holding up two fingers to the waitress to order two more beers. Mel's character misunderstands (not haivng seen the waitress) and assumes he is answering her question. The answer seems to please her as she smiles and says, "Really!? Me too!" The guy smiles and the date continues as the ad closes.

[Screen caps are now available in the Other Gallery. I've also mananged to encoded an avi of the entire commercial (in divx). For instructions on how it can be dowloaded go to the MultiMedia Page.

[Thanks to everyone who emailed me and let me know about the comercial! The more people who write in with a sighting, the more likely it's real; so every bit helps.]

Subject: I just saw Melody Perkins in a Rolling Rock commercial!
        Date: 1 Jan 2003 19:26:29 -0800
       From: lenorules1950@yahoo.com (Dan McCarthy)

OMG I can't believe Melody Perkins is selling beer.  Not only that, but she plays a lesbian in the commercial!  This is almost as screwed up as Cerina Vincent walking around nude in "Not Another Teen Movie"!

Subject: Re: I just saw Melody Perkins in a Rolling Rock commercial!
        Date: Sun, 05 Jan 2003 18:30:54 -0500
       From: PrimeTime21 <nobody@home.com>

I saw it today during the AFC Playoff game.

From: "Charles Labhart" <rollergoalie@qx.net> | This is Spam | Add to 
Subject: Melody, Rolling Rock Commercial?
Date: Sun, 5 Jan 2003 14:15:30 -0500

I just saw a new Rolling Rock commercial [also durring the play off game] with a guy talking to a girl about how many women he has been with.  I believe the girl IS Melody.  Just wondering if you have seen it.

Dark Knight


Date: Tue, 7 Jan 2003 00:42:37 EST
Subject: PERKY MEL MEL fresh need i say MO...

Hey amigo, did u catch her n the NFL football game this past saturday, she was shown n a rolling rock beer (gross) TV adv. she was sitting at a table with some dude with pork chop sideburns HAHA and she said a few lines and all , i can't remember it much but i did ID her 100%. try to VCR it if u can , i am sure that brewery will run it during the next round of NFL playoff games THIS weekend ! SSGT. Todd Wiseman USAF take care = < ) 


Airing: October 12
"The Power of Three Blondes"
When three evil sisters, Mitzy (Jenny McCarthy), Mabel (Jennifer Sky) and Margo (Melody Perkins), magically steal the Charmed Ones' identities and powers, Piper, Phoebe and Paige must convince Chris that they are the real Charmed Ones in order to get their lives back.   Meanwhile, Piper realizes that Wyatt needs time with Leo; Phoebe and Jason (Eric Dane) sort out their feelings; Paige learns that magic will always be a part of her life; and Leo continues on his quest to find out who put him on the Island of Valhalla.

Vidcaps from the preview are up on the Other Gallery Page.

[This was a great episode! Mel looks great (and so do her co-stars!). They each turn in a great performance that's a joy to watch. I think they stole the show. The blurb above does a fine job of summarizing the episode so I won't. If you missed it, track down a copy, you won't regret it.]

CSI: Miami

Name: Wannabe
Season: 2
Episode Number: 42
Production Code: 218
First Aired: March 22, 2004
Writer: Elizabeth Devine & Steven Maeda
Story: John Haynes
Director: Fred Keller

Guest Stars: Sofia Milos (as Detective Yelina Salas) Billy Kay (as Wally Shmagin) Ivana Milicevic (as Jen Kemp) Salvator Xuereb (as Mark Hobbes) Cristian de la Fuente (as Sam Belmontes) David Ramsey (as Officer Everhart) Brian Poth (as Tyler Jensen) Nicole DeHuff (as Carrie) Austin Tichenor (as Avi Golan) Melody Perkins (as Barbara Nance) Nicholas Guilak (as Danny Fisch) Chaim Jeraffi (as ) Tom Hillmann (as Special Agent Sackheim) Johanna Watts (as Rachel Bailey) Shelli Bergh (as Paula Muro)

[Aparently she's shot in the face, wrapped in plastic, and dropped in a dumpster … I'm not sure I want to see this. In fact, I know I don't. But good for her, that’s a popular show and it'll look good on her resume. Summary follows. There's an even better one on the CSI website. Click on Cases then Wannabe 2, Case 57.]

Horatio and Speedle are called to the scene of a murder. While they are examining a blood trail, a man with a CSI jacket on is intently studying the scene as well. Suddenly, Speedle spots the man poking around the evidence. The man grabs a latex glove, covered in blood - an important piece of evidence - and makes a break for it.

After the man runs off, Speedle angrily confronts a police officer, Officer Everhart, assuming he must have let the man into the crime scene. Everhart tells Speedle he figured the man was a CSI because of his jacket. When the men examine the log sheet, they see that the man signed his name as Edmond Locard, who Speedle identifies as the founder of modern forensics. They've been had.

Yelina, Delko and Calleigh are called to the scene of another murder. A young woman's body has been found in a dumpster off Collins Street, where some ritzy Miami clubs are located. At first they assume she was a clubgoer, but when Calleigh notices her comfortable shoes don't match her outfit, they realize she was a bartender.

They trace her to a swanky bar that boasts a huge ant tank at its center. Apparently, customers like to eat the ants fried; some believe the ants are an aphrodisiac. The manager, Mark Hobbes, identifies the dead woman as Barbara Nance. Calleigh and Delko are suspicious of Hobbes, especially when they find a gun behind the bar - a gun Hobbes denied having.

They discover the DNA of Jen Kemp, another bartender, on the gun and bring her in for questioning. She claims to have pulled a gun on a customer who got a little too pushy, but she says she never fired it.

Meanwhile, Speedle has tracked down the man who stole his evidence, one Wally Shmagin. Rather than running again, Wally is impressed with the ease with which Speedle traced him. Speedle tells Wally he wants the latex glove back and threatens to have him charged with obstruction of justice. Rather than being scared, Wally is impressed - this is definite bragging material. Wally finally relinquishes the glove, which has been meticulously bagged and tagged. Speedle sighs and realizes he's stuck with Wally...