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[Click thumbnails to view full sized versions (fair warning; I try to scan as large as I can, so that they can be printed out later, and some are big! :). These are the latest pics of Melody (scanned by me unless otherwise noted). I try to put the name of the company and any other identifier in the header. If you want to find the particular appearance listed, but there isn't enough info, feel free to email me and ask. I'll be happy to tell you as much as I can. Pics will be rotated out to an archive gallery from two weeks to a month after they first appear on this page.] 

Modeling Headshot: 2008
(thanks Sharon!)

Hospital Flier: 2005
(for the Patient Channel)

Lands End: Overstocks Winter 2006

Nova Form Pillow 2006
(she's on the package)

Ads from Self and Seventeen Magazines June 2006
(thanks to JCM from the PRO!)

MSN Latin Start Page December 2005
(from a fan in Chile, thanks Abe!)

Lands End: Direct Merchants September 2005
(Flip Catalog)

Lands End: Overstocks Fall Broadside 2005
(Clear The Decks Cover)

Lands End: Direct Merchants August 2005
(Stripe Tee Cover)

Lands End: Direct Merchants June 2005
(Shoe Frog Cover)

Modern Bride Magazine: February / March 2005

Great Life Magazine: March 2005
(Mel's Cover)