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[Click thumbnails to view full sized versions (fair warning; I try to scan as large as I can, so that they can be printed out later, and some are big! :). These are archived pics of Melody from various sources, most of them print adds, and were scanned by me unless otherwise noted. Some can be confirmed as being Mel for sure, some can not. I try to put the name of the company and any other identifier in the header. If you want to find the particular appearance listed -- but there isn't enough info -- or you have more information about them; feel free to email me and ask. I'll be happy to tell you as much as I can.]

Mel's Modeling Portfolio: March 2005
(Wilhelmina Models)

CSI: Miami, Wannabe, March 2004
(Mel as a corpse, you've been warned, thanks to Faith for capping these)

Khols Catalog: 4th of July
(thanks to Charles for finding and scanning these!)

Charmed, October 2003
(preview of Mel's upcoming episode of charmed!)

Free Credit Profile January 2003
(advertisement from web, wallpaper by Gomi)

Windows XP January 2003
(advertisement from web, thanks to Abe for the links!)

Rolling Rock Commercial Screen Caps
(captured by Gomi -- January 2003)

RealOne Player September 2002
(Advertisement from web, Wallpaper by Gomi)

Plantet Of the Apes Screen Caps
(Big thanks to Abe -- who found the first two on el Fuñaroverse and 
Lyanna who who capped the last two herself!)

InStyle Magazine: December 2000
(Advertisement for Leslie and Penny Jewelry)

High School Yearbook Photos
(Thanks to Joe for sending these in!)

Advertisement for: Ekornes Stressless Recliner

Seventeen magazine: Unionbay Ad 1999
(Discovered by Angie_Natasha, Cleaned by Gomi)

PR:LG Fan Created Headshot 
(by Raul)

Alloy: Catalog Fall 1999
(Found and scanned by Chelsea Geyer)
p 10p 43p 54p 65

Melody Perkins: Headshots and Resumes
(Scanned by Gomi and Brandon S. Mohr, respectively)