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[Click thumbnails to view full sized versions (fair warning; I try to scan as large as I can, so that they can be printed out later, and some are big! :). These are the archived scans and screen captures of Melody from her appearance on the episode of Malcom In The Middle (scanned and capped by me unless otherwise noted). Convention first aired Wednesday, November 22, 2000 8PM on the FOX network. Caps from this episode can be found in alot of places on the web. My favorite is Shades of Karone. Not only do they have screen caps, but they also have sound files. (Please note, that this issue of TV Guide is no longer available on news stands.)]

TV Guide: November 18-24, 2000 Issue
"You're a Funny One Mr. Carrey"

Malcom In the Middle: Screen caps from the teaser for "Convention."