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[Did you miss the show? Well whether you're just forgetful or you actually live somewhere that it wasn't available, now you can watch Mel too! 

[Below is a chronological list of her appearances on TV and on Film. (If you have one that I'm missing -- High Tide or Nightman -- please email me so we can work something out. I'd love to know if she really did appear in these!) Clicking on a link below will take you back to the listing on the Film and TV Page; which includes all the information I have about that appearance (in case you want to track down and buy a copy for yourself). 

[If a copy is available for download, it's file name, running length and size will be listed under it's heading below. Files are usually encoded as an avi and compressed with the most current version of Divx (but this varies depending on the source). If you'd like to download an appearance, copy the name of the file that you want into your favorite P2P and do a search. It's just that easy (assuming you already have P2P or at least know what that is -- you can always email me if you're confused). 

[All files can also be downloaded from Matt. To work out a time and P2P email Matt and ask.

[Because this is P2P, there's no guarantee that the file that you want will be online when you want it. But a good way to get around that is to send me an email and set up a time when we'll both be online so you can d/l. Coppies of these files are currently being hosted on the KazzaLite, edonkey, and WinMX networks. If you know of another place they can be downloaded, please let me know so I can include it here. 

[These files are also be available as one torrent. I suggest using BitComet to d/l.

[You may also view them on myspace (though at a lower quality). I've posted them in the video section of my profile. So drop on by and check it out. And add me as a friend!

[On another note, I don't support piracy. These clips are listed for three reasons. First, Mel has alot of fans in other countries (thanks to Power Rangers and her modeling work abroad) and I know how hard it is to get ahold of appearances airing in other countries (whether because there is no DVD to buy, or because it has a restricted Region Code). Second, her appearances (at least in movies) tend to be less than 5 seconds long (and I don't know many people insane enough to pay $25 for 5 seconds of film, no matter how rare or awesome the performance) -- plus it's also nice to be able to preview before buying. Finally, TV appearances can be very hard to come by -- even if you live in the same country they are airing -- usually airing only once or twice and not having enough "mass appeal" to warrant a release on another format. 

[In conclusion, it's only right to pay for what you enjoy (if for no other reason than to show your support for the performer and make sure they don't starve to death). So if it's available where you are, please buy it! That's it! Enjoy!]

High Tide

Not Available.
Length Unknown

Silk Stalkings

0.55 minutes


approx 1.24 minutes

Power Rangers

[Both series available on VCD from Getvcds.com. Bloopers however, are not all included on VCD. A BIG thanks goes to Ashley, who sent me the missing bloopers (that's the first file below) all the way from Australia! Another big thanks goes to a friend of mine who helped me transfer the bloopers from pal vhs, to ntsc vhs, and then to avi format! The last two were taken from VCD.]

pris bloopers.avi
2.44 minutes

0.04 minutes

0.08 minutes

Coyote Ugly

[The Coyote Ugly clip was encoded with XVID. You need to install the codec for the video to play. The audio codec is the old DivX 3.11 sound codec (choose the DivX Audio Compressor).]

Available on DVD.
approx 1.16 minutes

Malcom in the Middle

Available on DVD.

Malcolm In The Middle - 206 S02E08 - Convention.avi
21.45 minutes

Melody Perkins, très jolie blonde - ses scenes les + sexy dans la serie Malcolm -decolleté beau cul [by Scangel].avi
{french language}
1.10 minutes

Planet of the Apes

Available on DVD.
approx 0.24 minutes

Rolling Rock Commercial

0.30 miutes

Charmed -- The Power of Three Blondes

45.0 minutes

CSI: Miami -- Wannabe

Available on DVD.
44.07 minutes