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[Do you want to talk to Melody, praise her glowingly, propose marriage, or maybe even get an autographed picture of her? Well, we have a few places you can try. 

[As of June 2008 I can confirm that Mel can be contacted through Heffner Management. Thanks to Sharon, who emailed me with the following info, I also found it on http://www.fanmail.biz/9965.html. You can see the pic Mel sent back here. This jives with the report from 2005 (see below). 

Melody Perkins 
c/o Heffner Management 
Attn: Jamie Fish 
1601 5th Ave. #1802 
Seattle, WA 98101

[As of March 2005 Mel is listed in the portfolio section of both Wilhelmina Models in LA and Heffner Management in Seattle as a Lifestyle Model. So your best shot is to use one of them. Both sites password protect their portfolios, so I haven't seen them. However, I do have the pics from her portfolio

[The next best place to send fan mail would be to her acting agency. Sadly, I have no idea who her acting agent is anymore. In early 2005 Mary, a fan from Moscow, called all the agencies listed below. From her email: 

"By the way, two weeks ago I called to “L.A. Models” and found out that Mel isn't working for them any more. I also called to “Abrams Artistic Agency” and to “Alloys” magazine and was told the same. When I called to “Lands End” magazine they told me that they aren't authorized to give me such information." 

[ Anyway, if that's true the rest of this is kind of pointless, but at one point, Mel worked with all these companies and could be reached at these addresses. Lets start with her old acting agent: Abrams Artists Agency. 

Melody Perkins 
c/o Abrams Artists Agency 
9200 Sunset Blvd., #1130 
Los Angeles, CA 90069 
 (310) 859-0625

[The above address should work but, in case it doesn't, you can also send your letter to Saban, the producers of Power Rangers. The webmaster for the Official Alison MacInnis page took a tour of the studios where PR is filmed. And he reported that there were stacks of mail waiting for former rangers, so that way might work too. None-the-less, Saban has been notoriously bad about forwarding mail to former Rangers in the past. According to other Power Ranger fans, most mail that get's sent to actors who aren't currently Rangers seems to disappear. However, one person reports good luck getting responses if you specify the season they appeared in. Since Mel appeared in both in Space and Lost Galaxy, either should work, but I've yet to hear of a response from her specifically. If you're still interested: good luck, and the address is below. 

Melody Perkins 
C.O. Power Rangers: in Space 
Valencia Studios West 
26030 Avenue Hall, Stage 3 
Valencia, California 91355

[A note on sending and receiving things from stars. Always send an SASE (Self Addressed Stamped Envelope) and be sure it's big enough to hold a response. If you've just asked questions, a regular letter envelope will do (a 33 cent stamp will get it there from anywhere in America); but if you requested an autograph, use a big one (head shots are typically 8 X 10) and be sure to add extra postage (big envelopes usually cost about $1.20 in postage, but that'll change depending on size an weight). If you live over-seas, contact your local post office to find out if there are any special rules or requirements for sending letters to America. For more tips on collecting autographs through the mail check out Autograph Central

[You can also try to send fan mail through Melody's modeling agency. I contacted them by phone some months ago and, at the time, they assured me that they would forward any fan mail to her Management. However, no one that I know of who sent fan mail through them ever got a response. In fact, I sent a letter (with a SASE enclosed) on August 30, 2000 and have yet to get a response. Adding to that another fan reports that he talked to them recently and was told they aren't her modeling agents anymore. If that's so, the following will do you no good, but I've included it anyway, in case any of you want to try. If any of you ever do get one, I'd love to hear from you. Send Gomi email
Address follows: 

Melody Perkins 
C.O. LA Models 

[Other info about LA Models. They had a website up with a profile for Melody, though it can no longer be accessed by fans (sorry all, they added a password so now it's clients only). Anyway there were some great pictures there and her modeling stats; both of which are included on the Who Page. You can send email to LA Models from their page. They also have their phone and fax numbers listed. In the interest of completeness, I've listed them here as well. Just a note on etiquette. If you call, be polite, state your name, what you want, and thank them whether they help you or not. Politeness counts and you never know, they may tell Melody if you acted like a jerk. ;) 

[PHONE] 1 (323) 436-7700 
[FAX] 1 (323) 436-7755

[With Melody making an appearance on Maclom In The Middle (as Patty Henderson, the new Babysitter) I've taken the liberty of not only digging up their fan mail address, but calling their production offices. The man I talked to said that they would forward mail to her. Address follows: 

Melody Perkins 
C.O. Malcolm In The Middle 
4024 Radford Ave. 
Office: S 
Studio City, CA 91604

[If any of you decide to try out the above addresses; let me know the results and I'll post them here so everyone else can give it a try. A few people have received letters from Mel (they sent them when she was still working for Saban). And I've included there reports below, for those who are interested. Enjoy!] 

Re: Anyone have any luck with getting an autograph from Melody Perkins???
Author: aberration <aberration@my-dejanews.com> 
Date: 1999/02/03 
Forum: alt.fan.power-rangers 

Ooh, I got one!!! I mailed a letter and a SASE to her on 5/26/98 and got a reply on 7/6/98. She gave me a short handwritten letter answering some questions I asked, and a beautiful 8x10 b/w personalized signed pic! :) I also have autographed pics from Catherine Sutherland, AJJ, and PJL =) Anyway, here are two different addresses you might try: 

Saban Entertainment, 10960 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90024 
MMPR Productions, 26030 Avenue Hall, Stage #3, Valencia, CA 91355.

Just a couple of warnings though: 1. I haven't written to anyone in months, so if these addresses are now invalid, I wouldn't know, and 2. Melody and the rest of the PRIS have undoubtedly not been active at Saban for a few months, I dunno if Saban'll forward their mail. Nevertheless, good luck with your autograph search! :) 

Got merry mail from Merry Melody herself!
Author: Matt "Mole" tokich <tokich@bellatlantic.net> 
Date: 1999/01/07 
Forum: alt.fan.power-rangers 

I came home from school. My dad told me I got a card from someone. I look and it says it's from California. I had no clue what it was. 

Inside was a fancy folded card with a gold star on it. I opened it and just went down to the sig. To my complete surprise, it was from Melody Perkins herself!!! This is so incredible. I sent some of the cast letters a bit after Thanksgiving. I didnt think I’d get a reply that fast. This is all from her too, BTW. 

Her elegant handwriting covers the whole card. She answered the questions I asked her on Karone & Zhane, the "date episode" and her PR experience. Did you know that the date one was filmed 2 different ways? Though she didnt really comment on LG. She confirmed that that's the new season (duh) but nothing else. Mostly the "Just gotta watch" kinda talk. It almost implies that she'll be in it a bit, but she also refers to her PR experience in past tense. She told me that shes in the process of getting pics made and that she'll send me one when they come in. I’m still a bit shocked over the whole thing. Never got mail from an actor or actress b4. Well, If anyone wants to know what the letter said word 4 word, just let me know and Ill type it up for ya, k? Well, CYA 

[Sent email, received no reply.] 

[Mesh is the webmaster for the StarPoints website and an all around good guy. One day he found an autograph in the mail (a nice pic of Mel holding her Quasar Saber in the Lost Galaxy episode ... Protect the Quasar Saber. :) Here's what he had to say.] 

From:"Mesh" <ranger@starpoints.net> 
     To:"gominosensei" <gomi_nosensei@yahoo.com> 
 Subject:Re: Melody Autograph
   Date:Tue, 28 Mar 2000 19:28:46 -0600 

Thanks for the compliments. No, I don't have a mailing address. I think she saw my site cause I remember her emailing me months ago but wasn't sure if it was the real Melody. 

I was extremely happy when I got it in the mail. The envelope had no return address, probably for security reasons, which I understand. If I ever get a way to contact her, I will post it on the site. 

Take care, 

[Sadly, Mesh's site is gone now. Here's to you buddy, you put alot of work in and I think everyone appreciated it. One of my personal favorites was the music video you made with footage of Karone, Kendrix and Maya. Awesome!] 

I got an autographed pic
4/29/00 11:07 am 

   I wrote a letter to Melody and she sent me an autographed pic. I didn't even ask her for one! she just gave it to me! 

[I sent her a message. She replied the next Friday.] 

re: I got an autographed pic
5/5/00 3:36 pm 

   hi! i don't really know how to describe the pic but on it she wrote "leanne~ keep dreaming and we'll see you on the big screen. Love Always, Melody" (i want to be an actress thats why she wrote the part about the big screen.) in the letter she just wrote about acting and what it is like. i can't recall the address right now but when i find it i'll post it here ok? 
   see ya:) 

[Never heard from her again.]