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August 10, 2007
 Power Rangers: In Space is now airing on Jetix under the name of Power Rangers: Generations, weekdays at 8 and 8:30pm.  

July 8, 2007
 Happy 4th of July everyone. Here's something to celebrate: a new pic of Mel. (Click the pic for the big version.) Big thanks to the anonymous fan who found and scanned this from the current (July) edition of Let's Live Magazine. Mel's on the cover!

 And in other cool news. I've moved the galleries to RangerPowers.com. Links now point there. Check it out, all the pictures that used to be in the galleries here are now there (if you notice anything missing, let me know). Plus, they've let me post the videos there! You can see Mel's appearances in Nightman, the Rolling Rock Comercial and more, including videos that Myspace wouldn't let me post, like the Bloopers.

May 26, 2007
 Long time without news, eh? No worries, I'm still around, and so is Mel. 

 Big thanks go out to Sarah for finding this flier in a hospital and scanning it for me. She says it's a laminated flier for a hospital-only television channel called "The Patient Channel". Just goes to show, Mel pops up in the strangest places, so keep your eyes open. And if you see her, send the info my way so we can let everyone know.

 You can also find this pic on rangerpowers.com curtesy of Lewis. He's gone above and beyond the call of duty to get this up and running. Here you can find every picture ever posted to the Fact Page as well as Mel's videos (I'm still in the process of uploading them all, but hopefully today)! Here's the direct link to Mel's Gallery, but please check out the rest of his site as well. It's awesome!

December 29, 2006
 Mel's headshot is up for auction on ebay. Check it out!

 And if I don't see you all before then: Happy New Years!

December 17, 2006
 Well, it's not exactly christmas yet but this is as good a present as you're gonna get. A new pic of Mel! Enjoy!

November 10, 2006
 Toon Disney is re-running Mel's stint on PRIS and PRLG at 11:00pm weeknights. Thanks to My4Cast for the tip!

September 26, 2006
 Good news. All the videos of Mel and all the pics from the LandsEnd galleries are back online, thanks to a very kind fan. Here's the link. And be sure to check back at his site later on when it's finished being constructed. It's gonna be cool! 

 If you still want these in a zip, you can download it at rapdishare and a new one called uploading.

September 16, 2006
 I compressed the files included in my torrent to rar format and uploaded them to rapidshare. Included are all of Mel's TV and Movie appearances (that I have) and both LandsEnd galleries which are have been removed from my site. Files stay on rapid share for 30 days after they are last accessed. So whoever is interested has 30 days before this disapears. After that, who knows? Get 'em while they're hot!

July 29, 2006
 The torrents are working great. I had a couple people downloading last night! No one today though.

 In other news I'm on Myspace now! Well, sort of. See, I found out that some of Mel's friends are on myspace and I needed a way to contact them. But it turns out myspace is way cool and they let you upload video clips! So I have!

 Anyway, I've started a profile, but it's not really a profile for me, it's more for the fan community. I want you guys to be a part of it! So, let me know what kind of content you think I should add, and if you have a myspace account, please be my friend! The more friends, the better the chances that Mel's friends will take us seriously. I don't want to come off as a weirdo. ;)

July 28, 2006
 There's another auction for a different headshot. Check it.

 I've got the torrent up of Mel's bloopers and clips, as well as the pics from the first two LandsEnd galleries (the ones I had to remove for space) and I'm seeding most days. I have one person trying to d/l but can't figure out why it's not working. :( If anyone wants them, now's the time to get 'em.

 In order to download the videos:

 1) Get a bittorrent client. (I'm using Bitcomet, but any one should work.)
 2) Download this file
 3) Use your client to open the file. (Bitcomet gives you the option of downloading just the files you want. Uncheck the ones you don't want to d/l.)

July 24, 2006
 Busy busy! I found 4 new pics of Mel from the premiere of "That Guy" in February of this year. Unfortunately, the site's password protected and I can't get to the pictures. :( If anybody has a membership with Wireimage.com, please send them along to me. I'd really love to share them. I should point out that I contacted the photographer to try and buy the pics direct from him, but he declined.

 In other news, another Mel headshot is up for sale on ebay.

 Last thing for today. I'm trying to figure out how to create and share torrent files (so I can share Mel Bloopers and the image galleries I have to take down because of space concerns -- so if the site's a little buggy today, that's why). Not having much luck, either. If anybody has tips for me, I'd appreciate it. It looks like the major stumbling block is getting the torrent file hosted (since yahoo won't accept them). Sigh, I need a new free web provider.

July 23, 2006
 For those interested, some kind soul has offered what looks like the entire run of Power Rangers for download. The quality looks a little less than you'd get if you could find it on VCD (I bought a set way back when, but don't know if it's still being sold). Still, if you've never seen Mel in Power Rangers: In Space or Lost Galaxy, this is your chance.

 It's also worth mentioning that there is a great quality collection of Mel's appearances in that episode of Malcom in the Middle being shared on the edonkey P2P network. The only downside, it's in french, so we don't get to hear her gorgeous voice. The file is named:

Melody Perkins, très jolie blonde - ses scenes les + sexy dans la serie Malcolm - decolleté beau cul [by Scangel].avi

July 19, 2006
 Well I'm not entirely sure this is Mel, but the resemblance is too close to ignore. I chanced across Mel on the box for this pillow and snapped a pic. Since these sighting seem to come in clusters, anybody else see Mel anywhere?

June 19, 2006
 Who wants more news? I do!! Well, it's my lucky day then (and yours too if you stood up and yelled just then). We have new pics of Mel from adds in Self and Seventeen. Big thanks go to JCM for being kind enough to scan an send these my way! Be sure to check out her website Power Rangers Online! If you liked the music videos of Mel on youtube, check out the PRO, it's chock full of Power Ranger goodness and tons of music videos!

June 18, 2006
 Whoa, long time between updates! But there is a bit of news. You can now watch clips of Mel from Power Rangers via You Tube. Thanks to go to "SomeoneElse" for the tip! Let's hope this is the start of a new avalanche! If you know what Mel's doing, have new pics, or anything else, drop me a line!

February 24, 2006
 Another month another auction! There's new headshot up on ebay. This is the most recent one I've seen (probably from around when she was on CSI: Miami) and it seems to have a resume attached! Good luck to everyone who is bidding. If you win, please remember the rest of us and drop me an email with the name of her current management. There are lots of fans who still want to send fan mail! Here's the link!

January 12, 2006
 One of Mel's headshots recently came up for auction and sold for $17! Pretty good for someone who hasn't been on TV for a while. The really interesting part is that the sellers have a ton of headshots from different actors and are trying to figure out which ones to put up for auction. So if you want to get a shot at more headshots, check out the auction and scroll down to the bottom of the page. You'll find a form there to request a photo (you can request other actors as well).

 Also, don't forget, Mel's birthday is the 28th of this month. 

 Happy Birthday, Melody!

 Unfortunately, there isn't a fanmail address to send well wishes to. If any of you want to do that, feel free to send your email to me and I will post it here for all to see (assuming it's not x-rated or anything). Who knows, Mel might actually see it if she ever gets bored enough to look herself up online. :)

December 19, 2005
 Long time no nothing, huh? But thanks to a fan in Chile we've got a new pic of Mel. Yay! To anyone that was wondering, yes, I'm still around and still updating the site whenever there's new pics or info. So if you hear or see Mel anywhere, please let me know. Also, the best way to make sure I read your email (and don't erase it because it looks like spam) is to put Mel's name somewhere in the subject. 

August 22, 2005
 The new pics of Mel have been posted to the Galleries Page
 Along with that, I've done a bit of housekeeping. Since the zip of Landsend1 seems to work fine (no one has complained and I downloaded it fine from different computers a couple weeks apart) I've taken down the files included in it. The thumbs are still up so you can see what's in the zip, but the full sized images can now only be downloaded in the zip. Now that I've got a decent amount of space to play with I've also placed the last set of updated pics on this site (instead of image shack, which works well enough, but is kind of a hassle).

August 11, 2005
 New pics of Mel in LandsEnd! I'll upload them soon. For now, I'm testing yahoo's briefcase as a way to archive old galleries and gain some space. LandsEnd Gallery 1 has now been archived. I haven't deleted the full size images yet, but if this works I will. That'll give me enough space to upload the new photos. So if anyone is interested in helping me test this, check out the LandsEnd Gallery 1, download the zip, extract it, and email me with your results!

June 20, 2005
 You all need to bow down and thank R for pointing me in the direction of Image Shack. The new pics of Mel are now online in the Galleries
 I'm still playing with all this, trying to get it working. On the one hand it's free space, I don't have to make the thumbs, and I can keep the site right where it is (important now that google has it listed on the first page when you search for Melody Perkins). On the other hand images have to be uploaded individually and it's making it very hard use my html editor. We'll see. 

June 16, 2005
 Good news! There are 6 pics of Mel in the latest LandsEnd catalog! Five of them are new, 2 of those are full pages, the 6th is an old pic but also full page. This is a great catalog to pick up if you're a fan. It's great if you like clothes as well. The cover has a frog inside a pair of shoes.
 Bad news. I've just about maxed out my site here on Yahoo. So it may be a couple days before I can find a solution and get those pics to you all.

May 22, 2005
 Quick update today. One Melody yahoo group dies and a new one is born. Yahoo! Clubs Melody Perkins Air Palace is now without an owner or moderator, so it's basically dead. It's been found by spammers and there's no one left to stop it. In good news, fans can move over to the MPPalace · Melody Perkins Palace. It just started up so should be good. I've updated the links page. 

April 3, 2005
 Look, Mel got married! Just kidding. But if she ever did get married, she'd look beautiful and blushing, just like she does in this series of pics from Modern Bride Magazine. Thanks to the anonymous fan who sent these in! The issue they come from was out on stands in February / March. I don't know the exact issue number or date. Modern Bride is published bi-monthly. Scans are available in the Galleries.

March 28, 2005
 Mel's in a health and fitness magazine! I don't actually have a copy, but Mel's portfolio was recently updated with the pics and Alexandre was kind enough to send them to me. Thank you Alexandre! I really appreciate this and I know Mel's other fans do as well!

 For those interested in tracking down a copy (like I am). This is the March 2005 issue of "Great Life Magazine." I can't tell if it's out now or not. Apparently it's a free magazine available at select nutrient and supplement stores.

 I've added the pics to the Gallery Page.

 Finally, Gabriel notified me of two broken links. It happens, even you you aren't completely redesigning the site. Thanks Gabriel! They're fixed now. If anyone notices anything else broken or missing, let me know.

March 18, 2005
 New pics of Mel in the latest Lands End! This is the March 2005 Direct Merchants Catalog with the navy blue polo shirt on the cover. There are 4 great pics of Mel and all have been added to the Gallery.

March 15, 2005
 I redesigned the site for no particular reason. It now looks slightly less lame, is a little better organized, easier to update, and a little smaller. 

 On a related note, I'm almost out of space on my server. If anyone knows of a good, free server (preferably without ads) please let me know. Otherwise I'll have to start removing old content (pics) to make way for new.

March 14, 2005
 I've updated with 29 new pics and info from Mel's new Modeling Agency. It turns out Mel is now a client of both Wilhelmina Models in LA and Heffner Management in Seattle.

  Thanks to Alexandre for emailing me with the info and pics! 

Feb. 23, 2005
 Big thanks to Mary from Moscow! She's been calling all the agencies in the contact section and says that the only one who is still working with Mel is Lands End. From her email:

 "By the way, two weeks ago I called to “L.A. Models” and found out that Mel isn’t working for them any more. I also called to “Abrams Artistic Agency” and to “Alloys” magazine and was told the same. When I called to “Lands End” magazine they told me that they aren't authorized to give me such information."

 The Contact Page has been updated.

March 14, 2005
 I've updated with 29 new pics and info from Mel's new Modeling Agency. It turns out Mel is now a client of both Wilhelmina Models in LA and Heffner Management in Seattle.

  Thanks to Alexandre for emailing me with the info and pics! 

Feb. 23, 2005
 Big thanks to Mary from Moscow! She's been calling all the agencies in the contact section and says that the only one who is still working with Mel is Lands End. From her email:

 "By the way, two weeks ago I called to “L.A. Models” and found out that Mel isn’t working for them any more. I also called to “Abrams Artistic Agency” and to “Alloys” magazine and was told the same. When I called to “Lands End” magazine they told me that they aren’t authorized to give me such information."

 The Contact Page has been updated.

Feb. 02, 2005
 Mel's episode of Charmed: The Power of Three Blondes will be airing Feb 6th at 5:00 pm on TNT.

 Thanks for the tip Matt!

Jan. 27, 2005
 Mel's clip from Nightman is now online. It's short but sweet. 

 Full info on the Multimedia Page.

 Tomorrow is Mel's Birthday. 

 Happy Birthday Melody!

Jan. 15, 2005
 New pic of Mel from the new LandsEnd Catalog. Gorgeous as ever!

 I've updated the Galleries with the new pic and archived older photos. 

Dec. 29, 2004
 Mels episode of Nightman will be airing on WGN, January 9.  Check your local listings for the time. 

 Thanks to Gabriel for the tip!

 Wow! Long time no news, huh?Yeah, I'm still here, I just haven't had anything to report for the past 7 months! Anyone know what Mel's doing now?

May 1, 2004
 Mel's episode of CSI: Miami is now available for download as an avi. Check the Multimedia Page for the specifics. There's actualy a mpeg version of thsi episode out there as well. They are about the same size, same quality. The name of the other version is: csi.miami.2x18-TV.[BT].mpg 

April 2, 2004
 Mel's got a headshot and reumse up for auction on eBay. You can see a bigger scan on my Headshot Page.

March 29, 2004
 Six rather disturbing screen caps from Mel's episode of CSI Miami  have been added to the Gallery Page. Thanks to Faith for capping these!

March 26, 2004
 Mel was on an episode of CSI Miami entitled: Wannabe. The good news is that, this is a big show with alot of viewers! The bad news: she was a corpse. Oh, well, I'm gonna try and download it somewhere to take a look. I hope it's not too gorey, I don't think I want to see her get killed either. 

 Thanks to Selena for the tip. TV Page has been updated with show info.

February 12, 2004
 Congratulations to the winner of Mel's new HS and resume! I've put the picture from the ebay auction in the Resume Section. You can also see some past HS's and resumes there. I've emailed the winner asking for a scan. Hopefully we'll get a copy of her new resume eventually.

January 14, 2004
 Uploaded new pics of Mel in an ad for Kohls. Check the Gallery Page! Thanks to Charles for the scans!

 Don't forget, Mel's birthday is the 28th!

January 04, 2004
 The Melody Perkins Fanlisting has a new look so check it out and sign up! And check back here within the week for new pics of Mel from a Khols ad. Big thanks to Charles for scanning those and sending them in!