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PR:iS Episode List

[What follows is a list of all episodes of Power Rangers: in Space. I took the episode descriptions straight off the back of my VCD's and they do contain spoilers. So don't read if you don't want to spoil the surprise! On the other hand, if you ever intend to watch the show and just want to know what happened, you should get a pretty good idea by reading below.]

[Additionaly, a few seconds of bloopers were shown at the end of each episode of Power Rangers: in Space, alongside the credits. Unfortunatly, around the time I started to watch PR:iS, the Fox Network began to replace the bloopers with ads. However, lucky for us, there are people out there who watched the show from the start. What follows below this introduction are their reports. Thanks to them, I now have all of Mel's Bloopers from PR:iS (at least I think I do -- if anyone knows of one i missed, please let me know). I've been trying to get them online so other fans could enjoy them forever, but never had the space. Fortunatly, a friend of mine agreed to host them on Kazaa (a Peer to Peer file sharing system).]

[A few notes on that. You'll have to download the file sharing software before you can get the bloopers. Files are only online as long as whoever has them is online (and the number grows with each new person who downloads them). Right now it looks like there are only a couple people with them all, so you might have to keep an eye out. A good time to find them online seems to be around 4PM CST. You should search for "Melody Perkins" and "melbloop" to find them all. There are 20 small files and 1 big one (18 of the small files in one). Small file names are "melbloop01" to "melbloop18" as well as "evilizer" and "whenpush." The big one is called "pris bloopers." Good luck finding them and enjoy!] 

[Final note for those interested; the VCDs have two episodes per CD (except for the Special Movie Edition, which has three) and the first is always missing it's bloopers. (Other than that and a slight -195ms lipsynch delay, the VCDs of PR:iS are great quality and alot of fun ot watch!) If anyone has more info or the bloopers themselves, corrections, additions, etc ... I'd greatly appreciate your getting in touch with me. Now onto the Episodes! :) ]

From Out Of Nowhere - Part 1

The Power Rangers enter a new era in SPACE, as they embark on a rescue mission to save their mentor, Zordon. A mysterious new Red Ranger surprised Dark Specter and his villains in mid-celebration of Specter's new position as ruler of the universe. When the Power Rangers Space Shuttle collides with the Astro Megaship, they're baffled by this new Red Ranger. A sudden crisis forces them to work together when they encounter their first space villains, Astronema and her Quantrons. 

From Out Of Nowhere - Part 2

The Ranger teens and Andros, the Red Ranger, defeat the Quantrons, Andros departs, not wanting to join the others as a team, but soon realizes they all have a common goal; finding Zordon. When the teens are confronted by Quantrons again, Andros returns in the nick of time. He gives the teens Astro Morphers, which provide them with new Ranger powers. 

Save Our Ship

The Rangers return to Earth to repair the damaged Megaship and introduce Andros to life on their planet. Ecliptor, Astronema's second in command, descends on the Rangers, while Astronema tries to defeat the Astro Megazord Shuttle. Ecliptor grows and the Rangers form the Astro Megazord to defend themselves with their new powers. 

Shell Shocked

Astronema places a spell on the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which turns them evil. The evil Turtles trick the Rangers into trusting them, and the Rangers invite them onto the Astro Megaship. The evil Turtles then capture them and take over the space craft. Andros rescues the other and they steer the ship into a magnetic field. This maneuver reverses the spell on the Turtles, turning them good again. The Turtles and Rangers become friends. 

Never Stop Searching

As Andros searches for his long lost sister, Astronema sets a trap for him on his home planet, KO-35. Andros goes there and is confronted by Ecliptor. Carlos tries to help Andros and is injured. Andros feels guilty and goes back alone to deal with Ecliptor. Ecliptor is getting the best of him when the others arrive and save the day. Andros learns that he must work as part of a team and vows to someday find his sister. 

Satellite Search

The Rangers try to track down a missing satellite on the intensely hot planet, Kalderon. Astronema also wants the satellite and dispatches Elgar and Quantrons to find it. The villains capture the Rangers, leaving them to be eaten by the horrible creature, Clawhammer. Alpha and Deca deploy the Astro Megazord to fend off the monster. The Rangers recover the information from the satellite. 

A Ranger Among Thieves

Andros sets out to make new friends in Angel Grove and unwittingly joins a gang of car thieves. Astronema sends the Voltagehog to drain the city's power. When Andros discovers that his new friends have been stealing cars, he rejects them. Two of the thieves, Suzy and David, feel badly about what they've done, so when Voltagehog is after Andros, they help him. The Rangers defeat Voltagehog with the Astro Megazord. 

When Push Comes to Shove

Professor Phenomenus invents a highly volatile plutonium fuel and stores it in his lab on top of a skyscraper. Astronema sends the Elephantitan monster to tip over the building and level the city. Cassie gets trapped in the skyscraper. The Rangers use the Megatank to retrieve the plutonium fuel and proceed to defeat Elephantitan with the Astro Megazord. 

8/08/98 PRiS Blooper Warning!
Author: Sir STACK <sirstack@aol.com> 
Date: 1998/08/08 
Forum: alt.fan.power-rangers 

 Tomorrow/Today, PRiS #608 "When Push Comes To Shove" will finally air it's bloopers! Included are a shot where Melody Perkins goes out of character with Astronema, Bulk hurts his butt getting out of the Van, and of course, TJ screwing up yet another line! They've NEVER been aired before today, and this is the third time this ep has aired! Get em while ya can! 

Craterite Invasion

A little boy, Patrick, tells tall tales to his friends to get attention. Meanwhile, the Blue and Yellow Rangers are fending off Craterites when lightening strikes the Astro Megaship. The Craterites escape the Simudeck and land on Earth. They take the forms of humans and no one believes Patrick when he tells everyone he has seen the creatures. The Rangers battle the Craterites, again defeating them with the Astro Megazord. 

The Wasp With a Heart

Astronema recruits two monsters, Waspicable and Stingking, to destroy the Rangers. Waspicable is actually a nice, sensitive monster with a heart who tries to hide his true self by doing mean things like breaking up a little girls birthday party and scaring an old man. His true nature is revealed when he is commanded to attack the Power Rangers, but helps them instead. 

The Delta Discovery

The Phantom Ranger almost rescues Zordon when he discovers Divatox and her Piranhatrons guarding the mentor on the planet Hurcuron. He signals the Rangers to come, but when they arrive, Zordon has already been moved. Astronema then uses the Crocovile monster to attack Earth and distract the Rangers from pursuing Divatox and Zordon. The Phantom gives the Rangers a disk that controls the new Delta Megazord to defeat the monsters. 

The Great Evilizer

Ecliptor Steals a device that turns machines evil. When Astronema discovers this she decides to use it on the Delta Megazord. The Rangers second Megazord becomes evil and attacks Angel Grove. The Rangers use the Astro Megazord to battle it until they discover a way to turn the Megazord good again. The two Megazords battle Astronema's six monsters, defeating them easily. 

[Blooper Anonymous.] 

Astronema flips her hair back and rolls her eyes as Elgar says something silly. And she's smiling just a little, like she's making a joke. 

Grandma Matchmaker

Ashley's Grandma arrives in Angel Grove with the sole purpose of finding Ashley a husband. In desperation, Ashley makes Carlos pose as her boyfriend. Meanwhile, Astronema has created the Mamamite monster, who plants termite eggs throughout Angel Grove. The eggs hatch, and the newly born termite start to eat the city. The termites then gather together to form Termitis. The Rangers defeat this second termite monster. 

The Barillian Sting

The Rangers are lured to an alien planet by a distress signal. While on the planet, Carlos is stung by a Barillian Bug released by Darkonda. The Rangers then return to the Astro Megaship where Carlos turns into and insect and starts to attack the Rangers. The only way to save him is to return to KO-35, where there is an antidote for the sting. Darkonda meets with Astronema and offers his services in destroying the Rangers. The villains follow the Rangers to KO-35, where Darkonda confronts Andros. Andros defeats Darkonda and finds the cure for Carlos' sting. 

Blue Identity Crisis

The Rangers invent a device allowing them to search the galaxy for Zordon. Darkonda and Ecliptor discover the unit and destroy it. On the planet's surface, a power struggle erupts between the two villains. Darkonda emerges as the victor when he attacks Ecliptor from behind and fuses with him, creating a new monster called Darkliptor. Together, the Rangers break free and defeat Darkliptor. 

Flashes of Darkonda

Andros remembers that Darkonda kidnapped his sister when they were children and travels to a forbidden planet in disguise. He wins Key Cards that Darkonda needs and traders them for information. Darkonda explains that he will reveal the whereabouts of Andros' sister in exchange for the Key Cards. The Rangers confront Darkonda, who takes a dose of a special solution that gives him incredible strength. He creates another monster, Mutantrus, and almost destroys the Astro Delta Megazord and the Rangers. 

The Rangers Mega Voyage

Alpha decodes the Key Cards that Andros got from Darkonda. They reveal that a new Megazord, the Mega Voyager, is located on one of Jupiter's moons. The Rangers take off in the Delta Megaship to locate their new Megazord, with Mutantris in pursuit. They battle Mutantris in their new Megazord and destroy him. The Rangers then rush back to Earth where they have left the Astro Megazord, and battle Darkonda, also defeating him. 

True Blue to the Rescue

Storm Blaster escapes. Upon learning this, Astronema makes immediate plans to use it against the Rangers. The Rangers come to the rescue, but are overwhelmed by Astronema's forces and are captured themselves. Storm blaster escapes to find Justin, the former Blue Turbo Ranger, to obtain his help in freeing the other Rangers. Together, they rescue the Rangers, who then use the Mega Voyager to destroy Astronema's monster, Lionizer. 

Invasion Of The Body Switchers

Astronema devises a plan to get aboard the Astro Megaship, with the help of the Body Switcher. She kidnaps Ashley and has the Body Switcher transform her into an Ashley look-alike. Once aboard the Megaship, Astronema captures each of the Rangers, except Andros. Imposter Ashley tricks Andros into going down to Earth with her, where Imposter Astronema (Ashley) confronts them. Astronema sends the Body Switcher down to Earth, where it battles the Mea Voyager and looses. 

[A big thank you goes out to Ashley for the following list of Bloopers! Most of the blooper reports on this page are from her. She was nice enough to put all these on tape and send them to me all the way from Australia! Thanks Ash!! And hey, she's got her own Melody website chock full of pictures, check it out.]

[Blooper from Ashley.] 

Astronema tries to keep a straight face, but couldn't help bursting out laughing. The other double Astronema steps out, looking really confused (to me anyway) 

The red ranger was giving Astronema the morpher and Astronema held onto his hand for too long. Andros goes "You can let go of my hand now!" and Astronema lets go, blinking at him sweetly as he walks away. I think she looked really embarrassed! 

Survival Of The Silver

The Rangers discover a secret room containing the Silver Ranger, Zhane. Andros explains to the Rangers that Zhane saved his life during a battle. Andros has been trying to heal him. The LunaTick monster attacks the Megaship. He attacks again with Hideons, causing a malfunction in Zhane's healing chamber. Zhane is alive and well, defending the Megaship against the intruders. Andros explains the events of the past two years to Zhane. 

Red With Envy

Andros tries to ask Ashley out on a date, but he believes she is interested in Zhane. When the Rangers take off to battle Darkonda, Andros lets his jealousy override his good sense. The Rangers rush to Darkonda's warehouse, where they are captured in a net, Zhane rushes to the warehouse to help his friends. Once freed all six Rangers battle two Crocatox Monsters in the Astro Delta Megazord, destroying them. Andros realizes that he was wrong to be jealous. 

The Silver Secret

After being cryogenically frozen for two years, Zhane discovers that his morphing powers are limited. Astronema and Ecliptor know about Zhane's real problem and plan to use to Preying Mantis Monster against him. Zhane finds a lightening storm and holds his Digimorpher to the sky, drawing electricity through his body. It charges his morphing ability just in time for him to return and save the Rangers. 

A Date With Danger

When Astronema is attacked by the Horror Bull, Zhane comes to her aid and saves her. Given the opportunity to destroy him, she lets him live, an a mutual attraction is born. She sends Zhane a note asking him to meet her. Not knowing this, Ecliptor sends a second Horror Bull to challenge the Rangers. The Rangers are in danger, forcing Zhane to delay his date to help his friends. 

[Blooper from Ashley.] 

Astronema was lying down on the ground, looking up at Zhane I think, and she rolls over, laughing. 

Then she reaches for this piece of fruit or something and says "Should I have not done that?" 

Astronema was wearing this basket looking funny hat, sunglasses and doing this funny dance. 

Then she takes a piece of cake (it looks like) and she and the crews burst out laughing. 

Zhane's Destiny

The Rangers are drawn to a desolate planet when their sensors pick up a faint energy reading. TJ, Carlos, Ashley and Cassie, are captured by a group of rebel soldiers. Zhane and Andros arrive to save their friends, when they are recognized by some of the rebels from KO-35. The other Rangers battle Coralizer in the Astro Delta Megazord. Zhane defeats Darkonda and decides to stay behind with the rebels to helps them in their quest to retake KO-35. 

Always A Chance

Astronema creates the evil Lizwizard, but the Rangers try to stop him, During the fight, Carlos accidentally hits Cassie with his Lunar Lance and injures her. He goes off alone to think about his actions and find's Wizlizard again. He fights him, but he is scared and doesn't use all of his strength. Suddenly, Adam, the former Black Ranger, helps Carlos dispense with Lizwizard. Carlos asks Adam for advice about how to deal with the fear of making the wrong move or hurting someone. 

[Bloopers from Power Rangers Transcripts, an Australian site.] 

1a) Carlos : [to Adam] I can't do this! You're wasting your time! 
1b) Carlos dribbles. 
1c) Carlos : I'm no Power Ranger! [laughing] Whoo! Wait a minute! 
1d) Adam laughs. 

2a) Lizwizard falls flat on his face in front of Astronema and exits, laughing. 
2b) Astronema knocks the base of her staff on Elgar's foot. 
2c) Elgar : [painful sounds] I'm trying to get rid of that corn on my foot! [collapses] 

3) The final scene gets messed up. Adam tries to shift the blame onto the others. 

The Secret Of The Locket

Red Ranger and Darkonda fight as Andros demands information about his sister. Darkonda sets a trap for Andros. Astronema is distracted and troubled, wondering more and more about her family, whom she believes were destroyed by the Power Rangers. Andros battles Astronema, accidentally tearing the locket from around her neck. Upon opening it, he discovers the truth - Astronema is his long lost sister. 

[Blooper from Ashley.] 

Astronema whirls around, looking very cross and says "the red ranger, my brother? what a fool he takes me for!" Then Ecliptor saying something like "I'll make mince meat out of it!" and Astronema goes" and he'll pay dearly for it, I promise you." She stops for a sec then mutters "Forgot my line." 

Astronema Thinks Twice

Astronema travels back to KO-35, trying to remember her past. Andros discovers her there and tries to help her remember more. Astronema returns to the Dark Fortress and vows to remain evil. She sends Spikey down to KO-35 to destroy Andros. The monster attacks Andros and almost defeats him, until Astronema assists Andros, helping him win the fight. 

[Blooper from Ashley.] 

One of Astronema's monsters, the one with the long claws, drops one of them and the crews burst out laughing. Then Astronema laughs too and bends down to pick up the claw. 

The Rangers Leap Of Faith

Astronema joins Andros on KO-35 and tells him that she knows where Dark Specter is holding Zordon. She will take the Rangers to him. The other teens are immediately suspicious of her and her motives. Astronema takes Andros with her to find Zordon, who is actually Dark Specter in disguise. The other Rangers are captured and about to be destroyed by Darkonda when Astronema defends them. 

Dark Specters Revenge - Part 1

Andros shows Karone (Astronema) around the Megaship and the other Ranger teens present her with a flight suit and communicator, accepting her as one of them. Dark Specter tells the Rangers that he sent an asteroid toward Earth and will only spare the Earth when the Rangers return Astronema to him. The Rangers use their three Megazords to try and change the asteroid's course, but they just aren't strong enough . 

[Blooper from Ashley.] 

Astronema looks up and Ecliptor enters the room, then she stands there, ready to say her lines but forgets them and says something to herself ... she starts grinning and apologizes. 

Dark Specters Revenge - Part 2

Zhane returns to the Power Rangers in the new Mega Winger, and the combined strength of the four Megazords allows the Rangers to avert the asteroid. Andros and Zhane leave the Megaship on their way to the Dark Fortress to save Karone. She has been reprogrammed and has returned tot he side of evil. Andros renews his vow to get his sister back. 

Rangers Gone Psycho

The Rangers discover five duplicates that look exactly like themselves, but they are evil;! They immediately jump into a battle, but these imposters are far too powerful for the Rangers, and quickly defeat them. The imposters morph into their true identities, the Psycho Rangers, created by Astronema to destroy the Power Rangers. She knows that the psychos draw their power directly from Dark Specter, and she plans to drain all his power. 

Carlos On Call

When the Red Psycho kidnaps a young girl, Carlos rushes to the rescue. To save the girl he must battle the Red Psycho. Red Psycho is too powerful and is about to destroy the real Red Ranger when The Black Psycho appears and attacks the Red Psycho. After the battle, Carlos give the girl a moon rock and takes her on a ride through space on his Galaxy Glider. 

A Rift In The Rangers

Dark Specter's power lessens every time the Psychos fight, much to Astronema's pleasure. The pink and Yellow Psychos come to Angel Grove and engage the Rangers in a fight, finally kidnapping Ashley. Cassie feels guilty for being mean to Ashley. Ashley is saved at the last minute by Cassie and the other Rangers. Psycho Pink grows to mammoth size and attacks the Rangers, putting up a fierce fight before finally being destroyed by the Mega Voyager and the Mega Winger. 

[Blooper from Ashley.] 

A voice of Dark Specter starts off. "You are my most capable servant, yet you are unable to find who is draining my powers." Then Astronema says "I assure you Dark Specter, my armies are searching tirelessly for the traitor that drains your powers." Her last word catches in a cough and she bends down to cough. Then she straightens up and says something in a laugh. 

Astronema was walking towards the Psycho Rangers and just doing her lines. When she reached Psycho Red, he starts talking to her in a different language. Then she says that she didn't understand a word he said. 

Five Of A Kind

As the Ranger teens try to figure out how to defeat the Psycho Rangers, TJ realizes that as long as the Psychos fight the Ranger of his or her own color, they'll beat the Rangers every time. If all the Rangers are the same color, how will the Psychos know who to fight? This ploy is used in the next fight with successful results. 

[Blooper from Ashley.] 

Astronema's head was on a cartoon cereal box as Dark Specter was saying, "try Astronema's heart of a most completely evil breakfast ... hahahahaha!!" and Astronema turns into cartoon on the cereal box. 

Silence Is Golden

In previous battles, the Psycho Rangers recorded the voices of the Power Rangers and can now use the voice recordings to track down the Rangers as civilians. The Rangers realize that they are being hunted and prepare for battle. The Rangers confront the Psychos, but the villains manage to escape during the fight and capture the Mega Voyager. 

[Blooper from Ashley.] 

Melody was trying to give the camera her Astronema's evil smile but couldn't help giving us a big friendly one! 

The Enemy Within

The six Ranger teens search the galaxy looking for the Mega Voyager. They locate it easily on another planet and want to go get it. Zhane points out that it was too easy to find and suggests that a trap is being set for them by the Psycho Rangers. The Rangers use the Astro Delta Megazord, the Mega Voyage and the Mega Winger to destroy the last of the psycho Rangers once and for all or so they think. 

Andros And The Stowaway

Andros is searching the planet Tirna when he rescues a baby alien, nicknamed Seymour, who is chased by a monster, Jakarak, who strikes a bargain with Astronema to turn the Rangers to stone if she'll help him get Seymour back. Jakarak is destroyed by the Rangers in the Astro Delta Megazord, and the Rangers return Seymour to Tirna. 

Mission To The Secret City

Vacsacker's laser transports Andros, Carlos, Silvy, and many civilians to Astronema's Secret City. He other Rangers morph to find them. Andros is transformed into the magnificent Battelized Ranger, with great armor and wings, giving him the ability to fly. He rescues his friends, and the Rangers return to the Megaship to begin a search for the missing civilians. 

Ghosts In The Machine

The Rangers locate Astronema's Secret City under a distant alien ocean. She has a new device that dematerializes people and turns them into Data Cards. She plans to use this machine to capture and destroy the Rangers once and for all. When the Rangers become Data Cards, the Psycho Rangers reappear to destroy any record of them. 

[Blooper from Ashley.] 

A data card comes out of the machine and Astronema reaches to get it. But the data card was sucked in again and out and in and then Astronema goes "Stop!" in a squeaking voice. 

The Impenetrable Web

Astronema lures the Rangers to Forza. Once the heroes leave the vessel, she surrounds the ship with a web of lasers, so the Rangers cannot get back on board. Zhane comes to the aid of his friends in his new Silver Galactic Rover. Red Ranger uses his Battelized Ranger armor to burst through the web surrounding the Megaship. 

[Blooper from Ashley.] 

Ecliptor starts of by saying "you guys, what are the magic words to get this internet connection working?" Astronema turns around and says "Activate the web!" and bends down laughing. When she stands up again, Ecliptor goes "UH...don't you have some laundry to do?" (I'm not sure if it was Ecliptor was Dark S.) 

I think Andros says this "You can keep your wig if you can blink your right eye." Astronema blinks her left instead and says "wait, let me try again please!" in a laugh and tries again. 

A Line In The Sand

A weird tank-like monster, Tankenstein, attacks the Rangers and transports them to a vast desert. The Rangers join together to defeat the creature, but all the Ranger's weapons combined are no match for the evil monster. Zhane shows up in the Silver Galactic Rover and saves the day. 

Countdown To Destruction Part 1

Dark Specter decides that now is the time for an attack on the Universe, and sends out Astronema, Rita, Zedd, Mondo, Machina, and Divatox to attack different areas of the Galaxy. The Alien Rangers, Gold Ranger, Phantom Ranger and Blue Centurion are all captured by the forces of evil. Astronema and Ecliptor declare their victory to the people of Earth. 

[Blooper from Ashley.] 

Astronema clutches her face and covers it with her hands, looking really weak (as part of her act) then she says "I'm not evil." When she said EVIL, her voice echoed into this really weird voice like a ghosts and she turns around immediately. 

Then she spins around saying "Move in, lets take earth once and for all! ... Oops! ... sorry!" and hops back. 

Countdown To Destruction Part 2

Andros goes to the Dark Fortress, hoping to find Astronema and convince her not to destroy Earth. He breaks onto the Dark Fortress and finds Zordon, who tells him he must destroy Zordon's tube and release the good energy stored within it to defeat the forces of evil. When Andros hesitates, he is attacked by Astronema and Ecliptor. Andros manages to destroy the tube, and the energy turns the minions to sand and the evil villains into beautiful people. 

[Blooper from Ashley.] 

Astronema pushes the red ranger REALLY hard (since she had to according to her act) and she couldn't help laughing. Then she throws Andros really hard onto the ground and she waves her hands in the air crying, "YAAAAY!!" 

Then she stands on top of a building next to Ecliptor, saying "Destroy them all!" to the angel grove people. She points her wrath staff at them but lowers it and starts giggling about something. The she says something to the crews, still giggling. 

Finally, she sticks her tongue out at the camera ... like she was really tired.