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Lands End 5

[Click thumbnails to view full sized versions (fair warning; I try to scan as large as I can, so that they can be printed out later, and some are big! :). These are archived pics of Melody from Lands End (scanned by me unless otherwise noted). Lands End is an online and mail order clothier. To order a free catalog, check out their website and click on "request a catalog." I try to put the name of the company and any other identifier in the header. If you want to find the particular appearance listed, but there isn't enough info, feel free to email me and ask. I'll be happy to tell you as much as I can.]

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Lands End: Direct Merchants Summer Preview 2002
(Swimsuit Cover)
p 10p 17

Lands End: Direct Merchants Special Fall Preview 2001
(Woman's Sweater Cover)
p 152

Lands End: Direct Merchants October 2001
(Buried in Snow Cover)
p 6Ap 175

Lands End: Direct Merchants Holiday 2001
(Four Reindeer Cover)
p 36, 37p 78

Lands End: Overstocks Week of October 2, 2001
(Fall Forest Cover)
p 6p 32p 33p 35

Lands End: Overstocks Winter 2002
(Winter Path Cover)
p 19p 40p 41

Lands End: Direct Merchants Spring Preview 2002
(Sweater Cover)
p 108